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So you would've thought that after boarding my flight home after 5 days in New York that I would be all shopped out, well for those of you who don't know me then you couldn't be more wrong.  I get a massive thrill out of shopping at 37,000 feet, plus I had a few dollars left and there's no point bringing them back to the UK now is there ladies!  So after having a good old browse through the Virgin Atlantic Duty Free Magazine I decided on a few products to purchase, one of them being the Confessions of a Concealaholic by Benefit.  Now I love Benefit products but the only one I had tried in this collection before was Lemon Aid so I was very excited about the 5 other products in the kit that I hadn't tried.

Benefit Confessions of A Concealaholic

Benefit Confessions Of A Concealaholic

So as you can see you get 6 products, 'That Gal' brightening face primer, 'Erase Paste' brightening camouflage, 'Boi-ing' industrial strength concealer, 'Lemon Aid' colour correcting eyelid primer and 'Eye Bright' instant eye brightener.  You also get  2 double ended brushes, a little diary booklet with instructions on how to use each product and a cute little mirror for concealing on the go.   All of these products are easy to use and more importantly they actually work. I am obsessed with concealing, I have dark circles and I have 'tea stained' eyelids, all of my concealing needs are taken care of with this little box of magic.  This set is small enough to pop in your handbag and retouch as required, the 'Eye Bright' and the 'That Gal' are lifesavers if you need to refresh your look throughout the day.

I paid £24 Duty Free for this set, it retails at £28.50 at Benefit Counters.  Now calm down ladies, I know that sounds like a fortune for a concealer, but this set is so much more than that.  Think of all the money you waste on concealers that don't work!!  Every single item in this kit delivers on it's promise.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.

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  1. It looks fab - I love Benefit's little kits. Not that I own any of them lol... It is my birthday soon though, note to boyfriend ;) ;) x

  2. Ooooh I'm just about to head out to shops in search of perfect concealer ( I share your obsession & have spent an absolute fortune in my search)I will definitely be heading to the Benefit counter now

  3. Great review - I did a benefit concealer special - have you read mine ? let me know what you think x

  4. I have this, i first used boi-ing from this ...i then went on to purchase it because i love it so much !!

  5. Nic, I love the Benefit kits too and it's a great way to try the products before committing yourself to the full size version. Get your boyfriend over to my blog and hopefully you will get a birthday or valentine treat from him xx

    Kemcaflipflops, I totally recommend this kit, your money will be well spent xx

    Bettina, yes I read your fab reviews on all of the Benefit products, I will pop back over and comment on them xx

    Steph, There are at least 3 products in the kit that I will be purchasing the full sizes of, boi-ing being one of them xx

  6. I recently found out about this from a friend and knew i had to have it so i went online to buy it and almost bought it but then i just thought id have a quick look on ebay and found it brand spanking new for 8 pounds, I love it and id definately buy it again and again!

    I wrote a blog about it :)


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