4 January 2011


Firstly a very happy new year to all of my fabulous followers, and now for my first review of 2011.  

I celebrated a birthday in December and was absolutely delighted that my youngest daughter bought me a Garra Rufa Foot Treatment or Fishy pedicure as she called it.  Anyway, I have been reading other blogs regarding this treatment and was very excited to have the opportunity to try it for myself.  

When I was a practising therapist I have to say that if ever the opportunity arose to have a treatment myself I would always opt for a pedicure so I was really looking forward to this.  When I arrived at the salon I was full of questions regarding hygiene, this was my main concern, the full filtration system was explained to me fully and I was assured that the water had been cleaned and filtered fully since the previous treatment.  

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So firstly the therapist washed and inspected my feet to ensure that I had no fungal infections, I was then invited to put my feet into the tank.  As my feet were a few inches away from the water all of the fish came swarming to the top of the tank.  The water was luke warm and the fish immediately started their work.  I would not describe the feeling as ticklish, just very pleasant, after a few minutes it felt more like a vibration.  I was encouraged to spread my toes to encourage the fish to get inbetween my toes.

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I had the 30 minute treatment, but next time I would probably opt for 15 minutes as 30 minutes was too long for me to have my feet in luke warm water.  Once the treatment was over the therapist dried my feet and at that point it would've been lovely if she had applied some lotion to my feet.  I think next time I go for this treatment I will book a normal pedicure to have immediately after.  When I arrived home I did my own pedicure, what was left of my cuticles came off with a rub from a cotton bud and although not all of my hard skin was removed the improvement was amazing and my feet felt lovely and soft.

I would definitely recommend this treat and I will be having another treatment in the very near future.  If you do not suffer with dry skin then this would be nice as a one off treat, if you suffer with dry skin then a course of treatments is recommended.

Just a word of warning, if you do decide to try this treatment out please go to a reputable salon, check their filtration system and what they do between clients to ensure hygiene standards are adhered to.  I bombarded my poor therapist with questions and there wasn't anything she didn't know about the tanks, filtration or the welfare of the fish.

I had my treatment done at Beatue Salon, Daventry, Northamptonshire 01327 315140 so if you live in the Northampton or Rugby area I can fully recommend this salon.
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