1 February 2011


I hate powder, I can't stand the chalky, ashy, caked on look, I loathe the way it sits in fine lines and wrinkles, I can't bear the way it makes my complexion look dull and flat.  So why am I blogging about a powder?  Well, I was browsing the Chanel counter, not looking for anything in particular, just browsing.  After a few moments a vision of loveliness wafted in my direction, she was about the same age as me, she looked immaculate and groomed to within an inch of her life, with an ethereal glow to her skin.  we were chatting away about lipsticks and lip liners but I could not take my eye off her skin.  In the end I was compelled to ask her what it was that was making her skin look so heavenly.  She talked me through her primer, her foundation, her blusher and then said that she had finished the look with Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder (Poudre universelle Libre).

She offered to apply the powder for me so that I could see the effect on my own skin, well I didn't have to be asked twice and I was in the sleek black make-up chair like a shot.  She used shade 30 on me, which is Naturel, the powder was just swept over my face with a large brush.  The effect was amazing, I could not believe how finished my make-up looked, but the thing that amazed me the most was how it didn't look chalky, caked or ashy, it didn't settle in my fine lines and wrinkles and it didn't make make complexion look dull or flat.  My skin looked polished, fresh and dewy with a lovely subtle glow.  I love this powder and I would recommend it to any powder-phobes like myself.  The powder retails at £30.64 for 30g which I know sounds expensive, but take into account the size of the pot and the quality,  it is money well spent.

The powder is available in 3 shades 20 Clair     30 Naturel    40 DorĂ©  

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