7 February 2011


I have read lots of articles regarding the amazing benefits of Rosehip Oil on the skin, so I was delighted when I won a box of goodies from @beautybooth and included was the Trilogy Rosehip Oil.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil - 100% Pure and Organic - 45ml

It is clinically tested and found to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles, smooth the skin and  improve skin moisture levels.  It also claims to help in the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

I started using this about 3 weeks ago, I put 2 or 3 drops from the dropper into my hands and then spread the oil over my face and neck before going to bed.  The oil has a very faint smell, which isn't unpleasant.  Once absorbed into the skin it doesn't feel or look too oily, but I would avoid using this during the day as foundation tends to 'slip' if applied on top.

So after 3 weeks of nightly use I have to say I have found no difference in the appearance of my wrinkles.  My skin does feel hydrated and looks fresher in the morning.  The biggest difference I have noticed to my skin is that I am quite red either side of my nose and on my chin,  this has diminished considerably since using this oil to the point where I no longer use concealer in those areas as the coverage from my foundation is enough.

I will continue using this oil and give an update to this review in the next couple of months, as I get the feeling that the longer I use it for the better the results will be.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is available in most pharmacies and health stores.  It is currently £16.34 in Boots for 20ml.

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