3 April 2011


As you may or may not know I am a recent fan of Aromatherapy Associates products.  I have loved everything that I have tried from this range, the De-stress Muscle Bath Oil is no exception.  Having recently embarked on a new fitness plan this Oil has been a life saver to ease my aching newly discovered muscles.

Aromatherapy Associates

What they say......

Highly effective and powerful blend, with therapeutic levels of Lavender, Rosemary and Ginger Essential Oils.
Expertly blended natural oils, pure, natural with nothing added.
Helps your body relax in a warm bath or shower.
Use to ease everyday physical strains, such as back and neck ache, shoulder ache and muscle pains.
Can help to recharge your batteries, a warming and invigorating treat to help bring relief to tired and heavy limbs.
A feast for all the senses, experience the goodness of nature as it works to help release stiffness and discomfort in muscles and joints.

What I say......

An absolute miracle worker.  As I said I have recently discovered muscles I didn't know I had and oh my goodness the pain was unbearable, I could barely lift my arms.  But after a couple of baths with this oil my poor aching muscles felt much better.  The aroma is lovely and fills the whole house. 

If you are training for the London Marathon or one of the many charity runs this year then this oil is a must for you.

If like me you are just trying to get a bit fitter for the summer, then this oil will help your poor muscles recover.

This oil is also perfect after a girly day out when you've shopped til you've dropped.

For more information about this oil and other products from Aromatherapy Associates, visit their WEBSITE

FYI this product was provided by PR.

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