12 April 2011


My darling daughter, Chloe, has been asking me for months and months if she can have her hair coloured, not just coloured but BLUE!. The first time she mentioned it I said 'ABSOLUTELY NOT, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS', Chloe has very long curly hair and there was no way I was going to allow her to do anything to that gorgeous mane apart from the occasional trim.  So, over the months Chloe's persistent nagging has really tested my patience.  I then began thinking that maybe this is something that she really wanted to do as her desire to have her hair coloured has not waned at all over the months.  I was then struck by a horrifying thought, what if Chloe decided to get together with her friends and just buy some dye from the chemist and have a go at doing it herself.  With that in mind I decided that I would finally give in and allow her to have her hair coloured professionally to ensure the minimum damage possible to her lovely locks.  So after several lengthy consultations with the stylist and Chloe printing off what seemed like a hundred pictures off the internet, the appointment was booked.  Chloe was really excited, I was really nervous.  I was thinking what if it ruins her hair, what if she hates it once it is done, what if it isn't blue when it's finished etc etc.  Anyway, after 4 hours in the chair here is the end result, one absolutely delighted daughter and one very relieved mum.  Kids,don't ya just love em xxx


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