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I am very lucky in that I never suffer from spots, I think over the years my skin has become very resilient to all the products I slap on it on a day to day basis.  Unfortunately not the same can be said for my husband, he suffers from spots regularly.  The other thing is he's an incurable picker, so his spots look worse and last longer.  After a recent outbreak on his neck he was a more than willing volunteer to try the 2 new products from Clearasil, the Ultra All in 1 Wash & Mask and the Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream.

Clearasil Ultra
What they say...... Combining superior skincare ingredients at an extremely affordable price, Clearasil Ultra’s New All in 1 Wash & Mask has two spot fighting modes. For use as an everyday ten second cleanser- simply lather onto the skin and then rinse. The salicylic acid based formula unblocks pores and increases skin turnover, whilst the anti inflammatory properties calm redness and swelling leaving your skin looking instantly clearer. For a more intense cleanse, smooth the creamy formula over your skin and leave for one minute before rinsing. The formula penetrates deep into your pores to give a deeper cleanse without over-drying your skin.

Dermatologically tested with proven results, the formulation utilises a blend of marine plant extracts called Areaumats that calm and soothe the skin, working in conjunction with the salicylic acid to help reduce spot size and redness. Detergents remove excess oil, whilst glycerine is rapidly absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin throughout the process attracting moisture. It’s a simple result - tough on spots while being kind to your skin - a complete All in One solution to your skincare problems.

The fact that hubby is now on his second tube of this face wash is testament itself to how much he rates this product.  Normally he will use a product until it runs out and then move onto something new, but not with this one.  He said it was one of the best face washes he had ever used and he plans to keep on using it.  He likes the idea that it can be left on as a mask and he does this several times a week, I can always tell when he does this as he is glowing when he leaves the bathroom.  Although this wash has not prevented him getting spots, when he gets them this helps them to clear up quicker (even after he has picked them).

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Treatment

What they say...... If you already have a breakout or a skin emergency before an important event such as a party or date, then help is at hand with Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream. Clearasil’s Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream is Clearasil’s fastest treatment yet! The unique Acceladerm™ technology gets to work instantly and is clinically proven to visibly reduce spot size and redness in just 4 hours!

Hubby is not too keen on this product, the reason being is because it actually works, which means that he doesn't get the satisfaction of having a pick!  He applied this onto a couple of his spots before going to bed, when he got up the next morning you could tell which spots he had applied the cream to.  They were less red and they never actually developed any further.  There was a bit of dryness around the area of the spot, so I would suggest using a moisturiser over the top.

So overall he gave the wash 10/10 and the treatment cream 8/10 (purely because it ruined his opportunity to pick!)

Clearasil’s Ultra Range is available within all major pharmacists and retailers including Boots and Superdrug. For further information and skincare tips log onto

FYI these products were provided by PR


  1. These sound lovely! Will have to check these out, my skin has been crazy lately.

  2. Hi Lovely, my daughter also used the treatment cream when she got a spot the other day and she was really pleased at how the redness went down and the spot never developed any further, she was able to cover it with a bit of concealer and it was near enough invisible xx

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