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Cosmopolitan now have a huge range of beauty tools on offer and I chose the following 3 items to review.

review of cosmopolitan beauty accessories

So first of up is the Perfect Finish Blush Brush.

What they say......      Designed specifically for optimum blush application.  With a slanted head it allows you to sweep the blush onto the apples of your cheeks to achieve a healthy glow without overdoing it.

What I say......      Well as I own loads of brushes but not one angled blush brush I was happy to give this one a work out.  The brush has a nice sturdy, short handle, I do prefer a shorter handle on my brushes, I just find that I get more control that way.  The bristles are nice and soft and as yet I have had no shedding from this brush, even after several washes.  I have been using this brush for applying my blusher and highlighter and I have to say it's a damn good little brush.

review of cosmopolitan perfect finish blush brush

Next up is the Tweezer Trio.

What they say......      Professional standard tweezers are the the answer to any hair removal needs.  With slanted and straight tipped tweezers for all purpose use and a pointed head for fine or stubborn hair.

What I say......      Now as a self confessed pluckaholic I cannot be without my tweezers, I use them at least twice a day, I have several pairs of tweezers but my favourite ones are my Tweezerman pointed tweezers.  I haven't used straight or slanted tipped tweezers for many years so I was happy to give this trio a little try.  I like the little storage pouch they come in, absolutely perfect for keeping in your handbag for plucking on the go, I'm not kidding, when I used to commute to Gatwick my favourite thing to do if I got stuck in a traffic jam on the M25was to have a little pluck!   Anyway, back to the review, these tweezers are of good quality and do a great job, whilst they will never replace by beloved favourites these are going to be a perfect little back up set.

review of cosmopolitan tweezer trio

Finally it's the Blend Perfect Sponge.

What they say......      Renowned make-up sponge that helps to blend foundation with a seamless finish to create an airbrushed look.  Unique ergonomic shape helps to apply make-up around those hard to reach areas, like the eyes and nose.

What I say......      Okay let's just get the girly sniggers out of the way shall we.  I have to confess the first time I saw a picture of this on another blog I thought it was a review for something you might purchase in an Anne Summers Store, not that I would know what they sell in those kind of shops ( embarrassed cough).  

Anyhow I have read some Marmite reviews on this product, some bloggers love it and some bloggers hate it. So here's my take on it.  First of all I tried to apply my foundation with the sponge, total fail, it just wiped everything off.  So I applied my foundation in the usual way, I applied my concealer and then I used the sponge to gently blend everything, I have to say I was very impressed, I also use a cream blusher during the day, so I put that on as usual and then used the sponge to gently blend this, perfect, no hard lines, just perfectly blended make-up.

review of cosmopolitan beauty sponge

Cosmopolitan Beauty Accessories have been created by a team of beauty experts from the world's number one glossy magazine.  The range includes 26 products covering make-up brushes, false nails, make-up sponges and beauty essentials.

FYI these products were provided by PR


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