31 May 2011


I love hand cream and I'm always more than happy to try something new.  I am constantly washing my hands throughout the day or using one of those antibacterial gel hand washes, which also means I am very regularly applying hand cream.  I was intrigued that LCN had launched 2 seasonal hand creams and was delighted to be given the opportunity to review the Guava one.

What they say......

The fruit of the guava is exceptionally rich in vitamins; the content of vitamin C is six times as high as that of orange. The fruit contains pectin, vitamin A and B-vitamins, iron, calcium and phosphor. These active substances contribute to the skin being provided with moisture and its regeneration. Their anti-oxidative characteristics protect the skin from stress and the free radicals ensuing there from. The fragrance of the cream is fresh and fruity sweet and awakens memories of fruit compositions of pear, peach, guava and maracuja. 

Available in Acai Berry, Guava, Cranberry & Goji Berry, Pomegranate & Sallow Thorn 

LCN Guava Summer Hand Cream

What I say......  This is a lovely light cream that is absorbed very quickly.  It smells absolutely delicious, like a bowl of  fresh peaches.  The hand cream is free from parabens and mineral oil and is just perfect for everyday use.  I took this product into work with me and asked my colleagues to try it throughout the week and then let me know what they thought.  10 out of 10 from all of them, they loved the texture and the fact that it didn't leave an oily film on the skin.  All of them absolutely loved the aroma.  For more information about these lovely hand creams please visit www.bcidirect.com

FYI this product was provided by PR

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