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Sensitive as in 'your moustache is frightening the kids' kind of way.

Now let me just stay that until I started training as a beauty therapist facial hair was not a problem for me, but as part of the training you had to have all of the treatments conducted on yourself.  So off came the teeny bit of upper lip hair I had and this one act has led to 10 years of self conciousness.  Once I left the beauty industry I kept my trusty wax pot and every couple of weeks it would be turned on whilst I was safely locked in my bedroom so that I could deal with this never ending problem.  It became a bit of an obsession, to the point where every couple of hours I would be looking in a 10x magnified mirror and plucking out any stray hairs that I had missed.  A couple of months ago disaster struck, my poor old wax pot died on me, I was absolutely horrified initially, then I wondered if it was time for me to try some of the other methods of hair removal available out there.

So I looked at laser treatment but my hair is not dark enough for it to be successful apparently, not dark enough, how dark does my moustache have to be, I could grow a better one than my husband and mine doesn't have any ginger in it!

Hair removal cream, oh dear I really wished I had skipped this one, the smell was up my nose for about a week after I used it, it tingled like mad and whilst it was busy melting the hair it was also melting my skin, despite doing a skin patch test and following the instructions and timings to the letter.  Yes it removed all of the hair but it left me with raw and blistered skin, so I had a 'Ribena Moustache' for a few days, by which time I also had regrowth.

Next up were the little 'ready to use' wax strips that are designed especially for the facial area, what a disaster, it was like trying to wax with bubblegum, luckily the wax on the strips was water soluble so I was able to wash off the residue, the wax seemed to stick to the skin but not to the hairs, I think I managed to get 3 hairs off each side before I gave up and washed it off.

Then I tried a cold wax in a pen like applicator, it stated that the wax should be held in the hands for a minute to warm it up, well after a few minutes I managed to squeeze a blob out of the end of the pen but I just couldn't get that stuff to spread on the skin at all, it was very painful trying to use the applicator to do this, I used a wax spatula in the end.  The product was so thick that when I used the wax strip the only thing that came off was the wax, leaving my moustache firmly in place.

At this point I was running out of ideas, I had been to a couple of local salons but I just wasn't happy with the results, the therapist, the salon, the lack of hygiene (double dipping the spatula is a pet hate of mine) I am VERY fussy when it comes to salon treatments.  Anyway, for the past few weeks whilst I have been walking through shopping centres I have noticed quite a few areas set up with dentist-like-chairs offering threading.  I would find myself just standing and watching in awe at the therapists performing miracles with bits of cotton.  I came very close on a few occasions to sitting in one of those chairs and letting them weave their magic.  What stopped me was the fact that there were people just standing around watching the treatments, myself included, and I thought to myself  'Do I want an audience whilst my moustache is being taken care of', 'Do I really want to take the chance that someone I know may walk past whilst I am mid-treatment', 'Do I want people coming up to me whilst I am lying there and asking me if it hurts',  'NO, NO, NO'.

On Saturday I went in search of a salon that offered threading so I could have a bit of privacy whilst dealing with this sensitive issue.  I was overjoyed to come across a salon 5 minutes away from work that just offers threading, no appointment necessary, no sitting in the middle of the mall for all to see, very friendly therapists, nice clean environment and only £5 for the treatment I wanted and a loyalty scheme.  Now I'm not going to say this treatment is pain free as it certainly isn't, but it's quick and super effective.  The therapist was lovely and explained everything thoroughly, she kept passing me a magnified mirror so that I could see if there were any areas that she had missed, she even managed to remove those tiny hairs around the lip line.  I was absolutely delighted with the results.  I left the salon with a very pale pink 'strawberry milkshake moustache' but within 20 minutes that had faded and I had a perfectly smooth upper lip.  So lovelies in conclusion I think Threading is fab, it's the way to go for facial hair removal and 5 minutes and £5 a month is all it's going to take for me to stop frightening the kids with my moustache.


  1. Have to agree thought threading was perfect but the only place I could find was in the middle of Debenhams - like a 3 ring circus "roll up and enjoy the freak show!" must try and find a salon nearby that will afford a bit of privacy as much better than the alternatives!

  2. Great post Jude. I am a fan of threading too. A friend has just had laser treatment on her 'moustache', and said it was the most painful thing she had every experienced in her life.

  3. I love threading for my eyebrows, but have yet to find a place that does it without an audience. I dont really want to be watched while my catipllers are sorted out. :O

    I can say I dont find eyebrows painful, but I can imagine why it hurts on the upper lip. OUCH

    Ms Red

  4. Debbie, I know what you mean, I love watching other people have it done but really didn't want to be the star of the show myself xx

    Molly, I have not heard any positive things about laser, I've heard it's painful and in most cases not that successful xx

    Ms Red, Yes hun it does sting a bit but no worse than waxing, thank god it's a quick process and it's worth the few minutes of pain for the smooth results xx

  5. I must say your post made me laugh out loud - I can so sympathise with your anguish of the hairy upper lip.
    I've not tried threading but after reading this I think I might give it a try.
    Thanks for making me smile x

  6. Hi Julie, go and give it try, yes it's painful but it so quick it is worth it. I'm glad the post made you smile, I know the hairy lip is no laughing matter but there are worse things in life we could be suffering with :) xx

  7. Threading seems like a really good alternative! :) It's also quite cool to watch

  8. I've never tried threading, I would love it done but unfortunately the only ones around me are with people watching, no thank you! x

  9. I think I'd still prefer to get rid of my Magnum PI with hot wax. I do it myself and I think I do a pretty job. I've got one of those mirrors too so I can see every little hair. There is something very satisfying about looking at the wax strip afterwards.

  10. @Vintage Makeup it's very cool to watch but not so cool to be the watched, fab if you can find a salon that does it so you have a bit of privacy xx

    @xXxStundonxXx I would never have had it done if I hadn't managed to find a salon that does it xx

    @Skin Scrubs I love doing my own waxing so I will be investing in a new wax pot soon so I can continue with other areas in private. When I was writing this post I actually likened my tash to Magnum PI but then took it out as I didn't think anyone would have a clue what I was on about. I love my little magnified mirror although I am a bit obsessive with constantly checking for stray hairs, blackheads and other nasties! xx

  11. I thread my own top lip. Loads of youtubes on how to DIY. There's also an 'asian' area in our town where it only costs £1.75 for eyebrows that I go to. I haven't risked doing my brows yet.

  12. Wow you do your own, now that is impressive, I'm going to have a look at some of those you tube tutorials. £1.75 is a bargain price, which area do you live in? xx

  13. Haha this made me laugh, I have yet to start the whole facial hair remover thing but I'm getting a bit paranoid that I should! It seems everyone's at it ;) xxx


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