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You know when you wish you had taken a before and after photograph, this is one of those posts.

What they say......

Skin Science is a new skincare brand from Norway which is inspired by the marine life found along the country's Arctic coastline.  Containing 5 key ingredients clinically proven to have a radical effect on the skin.

1.  Spermine  -  Found in every living organism where it protects vital organs from free radical damage.

2.  Omegatri  -  Omega-3 from Atlantic Salmon, which is very similar to the Omega-3 found naturally in the human body.

3.  Zonase X  -  A natural and gentle exfolliant that is produced by salmon embryos to help them beak down the eggshell that protects them.

4.  LEX  -         Derived from salmon roe that is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins.

5.  Quicklift  -    Non-sticky compound creates an invisible network of sugars that tightens the skin.

Protect  -  Potent antioxidants like Spermine help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, while SPF filters shield the skin from damaging UV rays.

Maintain  -  Hydrating and smoothing ingredients such as Omegatri, Zonase and Quicklift are crucial to help maintain the barrier function of the skin and keep it performing at its best.

Renew  -  Ingredients such as LEX that promote collagen production are combined with vitamins and lipids to help renew and rebuild the skin.

Skin Science Bio Active Renewal Complex Cream.

Older skin that lacks elasticity will benefit from this nourishing moisturiser, which contains LEX, a compound shown to increase collagen production by 600% in just 8 days.  It also contains Spermine for powerful protection against oxidative stress and UV damage.

Wow are you suitably blinded by the science of this product?

What I say......

I will start with the things that I like about this product.  First of all the packaging, I love the idea that this a tube with a pump, so much more hygienic.

Skin Science Bio Active Renewal Complex Cream

Skin Science Bio Active Renewal Complex Cream

I like the effect that this product has had on my skin.  Now this is where I wish I had taken a before and after photograph, let me explain..........

Have my wrinkles disappeared? NO, but when I look in the mirror they are not so obvious.

Does my face look a crumpled mess in the morning? YES, but instead of taking until late afternoon for my sleep creases to disappear by lunchtime my skin looks a lot smoother.

I just wish that I had taken a photograph at the beginning so that I could see for myself the ACTUAL improvements in my skin, all I know is that when I look in the mirror today compared to 4 weeks ago everything just looks better.

Now for the things that I don't like about this product.  The smell is awful, so awful in fact that after the first time of using it I considered sending it back in case it had gone off, I just wasn't prepared for that smell coming from such a sleek looking tube.  I'm happy to say that within a few moments of being on the skin the smell disappears.

This is a very rich cream and I found that I had to wait a good 10 minutes before I could apply make-up without it slipping off, not great when you are in a rush in the morning.

There are 5 other products available in this range and it is exclusive to Harvey Nichols

FYI this product was provided by PR


  1. I read your review and thought I NEED this until I looked on Harvey Nicks website ....£95 for 50 mls!!! Oh dear, will just have to dream about it hahaha

  2. Yep, that was another thing I didn't like about this product, that price is astronomical but I suppose they justify it by the amount of research put into the product. Jude xx

  3. Hi Jude, i am testing out the eyecream and the serum in this range and it is amazing too. The price is sooo expensive but i could see a difference in my skin even after 1 day of using it. Fantastic stuff and i am afraid that if my skin continues to improve like it seems to be doing ( only used for 3 days so far ) i can see me repurchasing even at that price. ( will cut down everywhere else )

  4. Hi Nicolette, I'm going to be testing the eye cream next and I have to say I have high expectations for that. I know what you mean about the price, I suppose you could justify it by thinking of all the money wasted over the years on products that didn't work and spending more on a product that you know delivers on promises and lives up to the hype xxx

  5. Gosh this sounds amazing would love to try it! Great review! X

  6. I live in Norway and hadn't heard of this range before I read your blog yesterday. On my way home today I saw it and went to investigate. I tried two day creams (one of which you review here) and I have to say they were unscented. When the shop assistant came over to give me the blurb about the product, she too mentioned the fact that the products are unscented and free of parabens etc. I'm not sure if you have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, or if your product was perhaps 'off' - but I thought I'd better mention it to you so people are not put off trying it.

    I have to say I was really impressed at both creams and once my beloved 'Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating' runs out, I'll be running back to the beauty counter to pick up some Skin Science for a change.

    It is an expensive range, but a lot of research has gone into it(according to the shop assistant) and a little goes a long way.

    Thanks so much for your post, it helped me to find a new product that was right under my nose.


  7. Bx, Thank you so much for your comments, I emailed the PR company and they too said there should be no smell and that nobody else had mentioned it. I then got a few family members to smell the cream and they said there was no smell. I have concluded that I have a super human sense of smell or an over active imagination, in that I focused too much on the ingredients and imagined a smell of fish that doesn't exist!! I have amended the blog post accordingly. If you do purchase this range then I know that you are going to love the reults. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Jude x


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