29 May 2011


You would think that as a trained beauty therapist I would be an expert at applying fake tan wouldn't you?  Well let me tell you something, I trained with St Tropez and several spray tan companies and I can apply a flawless tan to anyone other than myself.  Due to several disastrous attempts at tanning myself I gave up and these days if I want a bit of colour I tend to use the instant tanning gels that wash off at the end of the day.  I was a bit nervous when I was offered this well known brand to review but intrigued at the same time, so I thought why not.

Xen-Tan Perfect Blend

Xen-tan Perfect Blend

Xen-tan Perfect Blend

What they say...... Finally a tan that you can blend to the colour that you require, that blends to your skin tone perfectly and blends flawlessly to create a natural olive glow.  No more nervousness about whether it will be too dark for you or not dark enough.  Perfect for self tan beginners and experienced self tanners alike.  Perfect Blend can be customized to match your unique skin tone.  The secret to this state of the art technology is the dual chamber system that holds separate tan perfecting formulas designed to work together, self tan on one side and instant bronzer on the other, simply twist the dial to deliver your steak-free instant tan, which will last up to 7 days.  The shimmer bronze adds depth and long lasting benefits to the colour, and allows you to experiment with contouring by highlighting and giving definition to areas like cheekbones and decollete.  The light sheen enhances the contours of the skin so you can highlight your best feature.  Xen-Tan is renowned  for it's wonderfully natural colour and Perfect Blend makes it easy to achieve the exact degree of tan that you require for different occasions.  It has a quick dry formulation and contains a breakthrough ingredient that neutralizes any self tan odour and provides a delicious fresh fragrance.  Rich in ingredients for soothing and hydrating, the unique paraben-free formula also contains a firming complex that leaves the skin lifted and toned.

What I say...... First of all I just love the choices that you have with this product.  If you haven't got time to do the whole self tan routine you can use the bronzer on it's own for instant colour, if you are tanning through the night you can use the self tan on it's own, or you can use the self tan and the bronzer together so you have the best of both worlds, an instant glow whilst your tan develops underneath.  You can choose to have a weekend away hint of colour or a fortnight in the sun full on tan.  

The Bronzer on it's own.  A little goes a long way.  this can be used for instant colour or for highlighting once the self tan has developed.

Xen-Tan Perfect Blend Swatch

The Bronzer and the Self Tan together.  The tan strength I selected was number 3 out of 9 shades on the dial.

Xen-Tan Perfect Blend Before and After

This was the lovely subtle colour after 3 hours of developing time.

As far as self tanning products go this is absolutely idiot proof, you just dial up your colour and glow (see what I did there).  The pre tanning rules are the same as with any other self tan, exfoliate and moisturise any dry areas, elbows, knees, ankles etc.  I didn't use gloves or use a tanning mitt, I was just very careful about washing my hands immediately afterwards, I didn't end up with orange hands either.  There is no funny biscuit smell once the self tan has dried, it actually has quite a subtle fresh smell.  The next time I use this I will definitely be going up a notch or two on the dial now that I know how easy the application is and also that I won't end up looking like a streaky oompah loompah.

You can find out more about this product by visiting http://www.xen-tan.co.uk/

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