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Vichy LiftActiv Derm Source Review

This is the second product that I have tried from Vichy recently.  I reviewed the Neovadiol GF Eye & Lip Contours and was very impressed with the results.  So when I was sent LiftActiv to try I just knew that I could expect some changes to my skin.  This range is aimed at more mature skin, so all you nubile 20 year olds with skin as tight as a drum need not read on any further, look away, there's nothing to see here.  (did you sense that huge hint of jealousy there).

What they say......   Vichy Liftactiv Derm Source, provides complete anti-wrinkle and firming action for the skin.  The exclusive formulation is enriched with Rhamnose 5%, a naturally derived active ingredient that is a driving force of epidermal skin cell and skin fibre renewal. Skin immediately feels lifted, smoothed and firmer, with a boost of radiance and a reduction of wrinkles.

Vichy scientists have identified the Derm Source as one of the most important layers of the skin, determining its youthfulness and vital connections. It has a powerful effect throughout the upper layers of the skin, and Vichy Liftactiv Derm Source targets this area to encourage the most effective anti-ageing effects.

Vichy LiftActive Derm Source

Vichy LiftActive Derm Source

What I say...... Initially this is a very unassuming cream, it's a nice texture, not too thick, no too thin, no overpowering fragrance and not over packaged.  Vichy obviously put all their money into their ingredients as after only 2 weeks of use I can certainly see a difference in my skin.  My areas of concern at the moment are my neck area and the nasolabial lines, I have predominantly used this cream in those areas.  I have to say I have noticed a definite difference in the look and texture on the skin on my neck, the fine 'necklace' lines have pretty much disappeared and the tone of the skin looks much improved.  The lines from nose to mouth also don't seem as obvious and I'm hoping that with continued use these will improve even more.  On the days that I have used this all over my face it makes a nice base for make up and on non make up days it leaves a nice healthy glow on the face.  I really don't have anything negative to say about this product apart from the fact that the packaging is very unexciting, but as I said previously all the money seems to be invested in the research and the ingredients.

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  1. Might get some for my frown lines then lol... :/

    I've had evil frown lines for too long, can you tell I frowned far to much as a teenager.

    Ms Red


  2. As much as I am a girlie girl and love some nice packaging... at the end of the day it doesnt matter how nice it looks if the product doesnt work its no good to man nor beast!! I like products that does what it says on the tin..

    Great review by the way...think i might have to purchase.


  3. Great review. Sounds like a product worth buying. I have recently started a blog hop Make me Yummy where I am on the look out for products. You should link this in. There are a group of us wanting to be a bit yummier and on the search for products that really work. Love your site by the way :-) x

  4. Great review, sounds lovely! I don't like creams in jars though!

  5. @Ms Red, this would be perfect for you evil frown lines, I can just imagine you as a scowling teenager lol x

    @Leah I totally agree with you, I am willing to forego the lovely packing if the products deliver on promise, this one certainly does x

    @yummy Mummy I will be popping over and looking at your blog hop, sounds like a fab idea x

    @Vintage Makeup Like you I much prefer my lotions and potions in a bottle with a pump xx

  6. ur blog is so usefull!!! amazing! XoXo

  7. Vichy really is the greatest! My skin loves it!

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