25 July 2011

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast Review

When I was asked if I would like to trial a 3 day detox I jumped at the chance.  I have been feeling a bit lack lustre for a while now and contemplating looking at my diet and lifestyle etc.  I work long hours and shifts and this means I usually eat something purchased from a late night garage.  Prior to the job I'm in now I worked as cabin crew, this is when my eating habits really changed, even though I hung my wings up 3 years ago I have never managed to get back into a healthy eating regime and as a result, in 3 years I have put on around 3 stone in weight.

A detox seemed the perfect way to start to get things back on track.

I was very impressed with the way Nosh Detox emailed me several times prior to the Detox beginning, I was sent a client form to complete, I was sent inspiring emails to prepare me for the next 3 days, I was sent an email to inform me that everything I needed for the next 3 days would arrive by courier at 10.00am on Friday.  On Friday at 09.45am the courier arrived with a huge box containing smoothies, tea, tea filters, bath salts, body brush, castor oil, Nux Vom tablets and instructions.

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Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

4 smoothies for the day.  It evens gives you the times to drink the smoothies on the bottles.

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

A different tea for each day.

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

A different Sea Salt for each day.

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

Nux Vom, Castor Oil and a Body Brush

Nosh Detox 3 Day Juice Fast

Instructions that apply to each of the 3 days.

Everything you need for your 3 days of your Detox Juice Fast.  The only thing you have to provide is the 3 litres of water that you need to drink each day.

Day 1 was quite easy, the smoothies are very thick and quite filling, the only thing I struggled with was the tea, I just couldn't fall in love with the taste so I only managed a couple of cups.

Day 2 was a different story.  I woke up with a thumping headache and I was starving.  On a daily basis I drink lots and lots of tea and coffee and I think the headache was a possible withdrawal symptom of my body craving caffeine.  I really struggled with the smoothies on day 2, although they all tasted really nice I was craving food and something hot.  My headache lasted all day and I was feeling thoroughly miserable.

Day 3 I woke up minus a headache, I had also had the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time, I felt rested but energised, if that makes sense.  I still wasn't loving the teas but I drank as much as I could.  I managed the smoothies much better on this day and that coupled with the water meant I had no hunger pangs either.

You also continue to get inspiration emails to encourage and support you.

I enjoyed using the body brush and bath salts, there is a different one for each day.  What I didn't enjoy was the Castor Oil, this is something that I haven't come into contact with since I was a child, all I have to say about it is 'yuk'.

So apart from the Tea and Castor Oil the only other thing you need to be aware of if you do this programme is the extra time you spend in the bathroom, all that water and all that fresh juice really does cleanse your system.

I am really impressed with this 3 Day Juice Fast, it was easy to fit in around my normal life, although day 2 was tough I am so glad I stuck with it.  This has really set me up to start a healthy eating regime, I feel motivated and ready to take myself to task and cut out all of the rubbish in my diet.  Over the 3 days I got into the habit of having a smoothie at certain times of the day, I am hoping to now do this with food.  As scales are banned from my house I don't know how much weight I lost, I know I have lost some weight and I certainly don't feel as bloated.

Please pop over to www.noshdetox.com where you can learn all about how and why this company was started and the different programmes that are available.  There are some absolutely fantastic testimonials on there.

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