8 July 2011

Pupa Breast & Decolleté Anti-Age Treatment

I look after the skin on my face, neck and hands, but I'm ashamed to say that I neglect the rest of my body.  I have the occasional guilt pang, usually after I've caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror whilst getting dressed, then I make all sorts of pie crust promises to start exfoliating and moisturising my body on a more regular basis.  In all honesty I start off with good intentions but these fall by the wayside very quickly as I use the excuse that 'I don't have time', the truth is I don't actually make time.  When I was asked if I would like to try this new product I decided I would try it for 2 reasons, the first being that it treated an area of my body that I have concerns with and secondly I was hoping it would encourage me to get into a routine with body treatments.

What they say......

Pupa Breast & Décolleté Anti-Age Concentrate £42 (50ml). This is the first time advanced anti-ageing technologies for the face has been applied to the breasts and cleavage, delivering a multi-action treatment that helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation marks and is both anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging.

Pupa Breast & Décolleté Anti-Age Concentrate is perfect for women over 40 years old.  Its Anti-Age Botanic Complex boosts collagen and elastin to smooth ‘morning lines’ and improve skin tone. Lumiskin brightens and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation marks and sunspots, while the precious, natural extracts of Quillaja and Kigelia Africana get straight to work from the first application smoothing out lines and plumping the skin.

For best results, use morning and evening for eight weeks. To maintain results use once a day. 

Pupa Breasts & Decollete Anti-Age Treatment

What I say......

Well yes, as a woman of a certain age I do have 'morning lines', pigmentation and redness on my chest area, on the rare occasions that this area is on show I tend to use a tinted moisturiser to cover up the above problems.  I was worried that I would not be able to commit to the twice daily application of this product but I have been using it religiously for the last 3 weeks and I have to say I have noticed a definite improvement in that area.  I still have 'morning lines' but within an hour these have usually diminished, the pigmentation marks are much less noticeable and the general area looks smoother and more even toned.

The product itself is a gel like cream, it absorbs very quickly and has a very pleasant fragrance.  I found when I first started using the product that I needed 3 or 4 pumps of the product, I now use 2 pumps, I think this is because when I first started using the product my skin was so dry and neglected.

Now, there are a lot of ingredients in this product, it also contains parabens.  Here is a list of the ingredients.

There is a warning that this product should not be used during pregnancy.

For more information about this product and other products in the Pupa range, please visit www.beautique.com

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