24 July 2011

Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Texture Review

I have seen these styling powders in the shops and hardly ever paid them a cursory glance.  I imagined that they were for stylish, funky, short haired people who washed their hair once a month! 

When I was sent this to review I confess to leaving it on my dressing table for a few weeks, picking it up occasionally, squinting to try and read the miniscule instructions on the pot and then putting it back where I had got it from.  Then at the weekend I finally decided to give it a go and see what it was all about.

Dust It Texture is a styling powder giving a soft matt effect, control and volume.  The more you apply the more volume you get.

My hair can be a bit flat on top so I sprinkled the powder around the crown area, the powder disappeared immediately on contact, I then basically just ruffled my hair, to my complete amazement the texture of my hair completely changed and it looked as though I'd had a severe back combing!   I was horrified, I couldn't get a brush through my hair, my hair was stuck in mid ruffle on top of my head and I had no option but to wash my hair, it took 3 washes to even get some sort of lather going on and to eventually wash the product out.

Once my hair was back to it's normal flat self I looked at other reviews of this product on-line and realised immediately that it was me that was at fault and not the product, I had apparently used enough product for 10 heads of hair, this would explain why my hair ended up high enough and hard enough to use as a battering ram at a smash and grab, I bet this is the product that Jedward use to get those gravity defying quiffs

Schwarzkopf Osis Dust it

Anyhow, back to the dressing table I went and this time I sprinkled a very small amount of product on my crown, I ruffled a little bit and ended up with a pleasing amount of volume that I was able to mould to give my hair some oomph just where I needed it.  The volume that you get is basically there until you wash it out.  I would imagine that this product is indispensable if you have a very textured hairstyle.  For me, I would use it when I was going out to get that volume at the crown.  Even when using a small amount, this product does take a double wash to get the product out.  Absolutely perfect product for an up-do.

For more information on this product and other products in the range please visit www.hairsupermarket.com or www.beautybay.com

*PR Sample
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