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Skin Care Affair Part 2

I first posted this in January. Since then I have tried many new skin care products so I decided to update the post.

I have spent more than 30 years looking for 'the one' and during that time I have had dalliances with budget skin care,  flirted with high end products and I've had a few long term relationships but 'the one' is still eluding me.  Am I too fussy?  Are my expectations too high?  Am I  commitment phobic?  Or am I just a skincare slut?

I was a skin care virgin until I was 15 years old, I remember my first encounter like it was yesterday, the white and blue bottle of Anne French Cleansing Milk seemed so sophisticated and grown up, I thought we would be together forever but our relationship was over within a few months. I then met Johnsons Baby Lotion, we stayed together until I was in my late teens as this removed make up and moisturised.  When I started buying grown up magazines I discovered I could do much better for myself and dumped Johnsons for Clearasil, our breakup was not as painful as the breakout this product caused.

I then moved to Germany for 7 years and had several relationships with products whose names I couldn't pronounce, sadly none of them lasted more than a few months.  I moved back to the UK and got back with Johnsons for a while but again this didn't last, although I must confess we still have the occasional one night stand!!  Then Glamour magazine was launched and changed my life, I discovered Clinique and Clarins and on occasions I was seeing both at the same time, sadly neither of them could truly satisfy me and although I was happy for a while I just couldn't commit myself to either.  I watched the launch of Liz Earle on QVC and thought that's it, that's 'the one', I loved all of the products immediately and we were together for a couple of years, but I was lured away by Decleor and Gatineau, although Cleanse & Polish still pops in and out of my life.

I then trained as a beauty therapist, this was a revelation for me, it opened up a whole new world of relationship opportunities.  The first salon I worked at used Espa products, I was in heaven, this range treated me very well and when I left that salon I was heartbroken at first but then I was introduced to Elemis, I thought I had found my soul mate at last, I thought this is 'the one'. We had 2 very happy years together, then disaster struck, I became an air hostess and my skin care affairs went international!  I had liaisons with Korres, Estee Lauder, Kiehls, Chanel, Molton Brown, Prevage, Ren, Biotherm, and Bliss to name but a few, but I loved and left each and every one of them. I then entered the world of blogging, oh my, I was in skin care heaven, so many products, so little time. I have had encounters with so many brands in the last 6 months and this has fuelled my inability to remain faithful. I have been lucky enough to try some fabulous brands of skin care that otherwise may have slipped under my radar had it not been for my blog. One of the brands that has a special place in my heart is Pai, this brand will always be waiting for me when I have been let down by a product that promises everything and delivers nothing. I am currently in a very intensive relationship with Alpha H, so far it is going very well, although I am beginning to get very distracted by a couple of other suitors that are waiting in the wings to be reviewed.

I got to thinking recently about why I found it impossible to remain faithful, is it because these products fail to deliver, have I got some sort of undiagnosed medical condition or am I just a skin care slut?  I have been really lucky to be blessed with very good skin, the majority of people who do not know my age would guess I am younger than I am, is this because of good genes or because over the years I have always taken good care of my skin, despite my inability to have a monogamous relationship with one brand?  I don't know the answer to this question but I do know that my quest to find 'the one' goes on, so until then I guess I shall continue to be a skin care slut and I'll have a blast with any new brands that find their way into my life.

I would be interested to know if you have found 'the one',  what skincare products can't you live without and have you found one that will be with you forever.


  1. Oh my god. We are so the same age! Anne French cleansing milk, in that funny pointy bottle! I loved it, can almost smell it now. Oh thank you for that blast from the past! I moved swiftly onto Vichy products as have been a skin care snob since the minute I started earning £3 an hour waitressing! Currently am obsessed with Liz Earle and seriously think that for such reasonably priced products the results are rather high end, my skin has honestly never looked better.

  2. I dont know if 'the one' exists! I am much like you, swapping between brands and such, i would like to try more high end products though. There must be something in the price difference? right? :) :)

  3. I think all of us ladies of a certain age started with the Anne French. Can't agree with you more on the Liz Earle range, I still go back to them occasionally. Jude xx

  4. Rachinald I have tried some pretty expensive products and some of them have made no difference at all to my skin, I think sometimes you pay for the name and the packaging. But, with that said I have tried other high end products that have been amazing, it's all down to trial and error I think. Jude xx

  5. Haha brilliant post Jude - I was another Anne French girl. I couldn't wait to start using skincare and my sister used to say 'when you're 15 you can start using Anne French'!

    Before I started blogging, Nuxe was the hands down winning brand for me. Their skincare made such a difference... everyone noticed when I took a break from it (I'm fickle) & got back together again.

    I've also had great joy with Alpha-H but am currently trying Superdrug's organic range, Purity - and am so impressed - esp with the anti-ageing cream. I'll be reviewing it soon so shall say no more for now!

    Nic x

  6. Hi Nic, ooh a range that's new to me, I look forward to your review on Purity, may have to go on a few dates with that one! Jude xx

  7. I'm yet to find the one but I've only been looking for the past 15 years so there is still time!

    The first one I used was my mothers oil of ulay or olay as it's know as now and it stung my face like hell!

    Since then i've tried products ranging from 99p up to £40+ and have never lasted with anything for more than 6 weeks.

    If you find the perfect product please let me know ;)

  8. Madame Gourmand I remember when it was called Oil of Ulay too. Don't worry if I ever do find the perfect product I'll be shouting it from the roof tops :) Jude x

  9. I alas can't join the Anne French club, I started with Garnier and one or two others and ruined my poor skin using products far to rich for it as such a young age.

    I'm to fickle to stick with one for long but I have really liked Natio, Clarins and Liz Earle if I had to choose three.

    I've used all three in the past 7/8 months and my skin is better (though not perfect) than it's been for a long time.


  10. Ms Red, yes you definitely are far too young for the Anne French club. Hmm Natio, that's a range I've not come across, may have to book myself a date with that one :) Jude xx

  11. I can't say I have found the "one" my skin is quite temperamental at times. :(

  12. Vintage Makeup I think it's a lifetime quest for us ladies :) Jude xx

  13. I love the way you've documented your skincare regimes since you first started looking after it! Such a different way to write about it

    I too am a beauty therapist and although I am an Elemis girl through and through there are just too many amazing ranges out there to ignore, I have to say though I feel the Pro-Collagen cream is THE best moisturiser ever created!



  14. Beauty Diaries, I still have my favourites from Elemis that I use every week, like my Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask and Skin Buff, I just haven't found anything to rival those two products, I also love my Bliss Capsules which I treat myself to twice a year. Jude xx

  15. Variety Is The Spice Of Life - perhaps there is some truth in this saying

  16. Haha, great post. It felt like you were writing a skincare biography about me...with the exception that I am from Australia so haven't heard of half those brands!

    My skincare sluttiness has exploded since i started blogging. I have discovered a few products that I honestly think I could keep using for the rest of my life, only to get a new one the following week and to comeplete forget about all others! My sister has gotten some seriously awesome hand me downs this year!

    I do often find myself returning to jurlique, estee lauder tends to treat me well other than that i am pretty much unfaithful to all others!

  17. Hi Sarah, thank you for your lovely comment, I think blogging brings out the worst in us for being unable to be faithful, but I enjoy the fact that blogging has opened the doors to many new brands I otherwise may have missed. Jude xx

  18. I have combination skin - nightmare! The only solution after of pretty much a life time of trial and error was Vichy. Thank you, I don't care that you are only sold in the chemist and that you cost a bit more, my skin has finally grown up, just in time for wrinkles. Grrrr


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