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Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes and Face Mask Review

I really like the 'Yes To....' range of products.  They are perfect if you are just dipping your toe into skin care and ideal if you are doing skin care on a budget.

Now I have to confess I am not a fan of face wipes, even in an emergency I am loathe to use them, so I was hesitant to try the Yes To Cucumbers face wipes.

*Apologies for library pictures, camera malfunction at time of review

Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes
Photograph courtesy of Victoria Health

Although, I felt a little better about trying these knowing that they are 96% natural, Paraben, Petroleum and SLS free.  The wipes themselves are nice and thick, so no ripping as you pull one from the packet, they smell nice and fresh and not at all synthetic and actually feel quite gentle on the face.  I needed 2 wipes to remove all of my make up and I was quite surprised that my skin did not feel tingly or tight after use.  Although I am not going to change my mind about face wipes totally, I'm never going to be a fan, I would use these again if I was in a situation where cleanser was not available.  I  used about 10 out of the pack and gave the rest to my daughter, she absolutely loved them and has since replaced her usual wipes with these. 

Now, lets talk Face Masks.  I'm a bit fussy when it comes to face masks, I can't see the point in using a lovely cleanser, expensive exfoliator and then using an inferior mask.  (I will talk about my favourite face masks in a future post).  

Yes To Cucumbers Calming Facial Mask contains Dead Sea Mud, Organic Cucumbers and Aloe Vera.

Yes To Cucumbers Face Mask

Photograph courtesy of Victoria Health

This face mask looks like a typical clay mask, although it smells fresh and feels a lot lighter than some I have used in the past.  I plastered on a thick layer after cleansing and exfoliating and read a few blogs for 15 minutes.  During this time I could feel the mask setting but not to the point where it was really tight and at cracking point.  The mask was very easy to remove with a warm flannel, unlike some mud masks, this had not dried to the point where I had to literally pick it off my skin.  My skin had a lovely pink glow to it and I noticed that the enlarged pores around my nose looked very clean and somewhat smaller, my skin felt really clean and hydrated.  I was quite impressed with this mask and as a budget buy I can't really fault it.

The full range of Yes To Cucumbers range are available at Victoria Health and retailers nationwide.

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  1. I tried the wipes and really liked them too although like you i am not a big wipe fan. The mask sounds good too x

  2. Hello lovely, welcome back hope you had a fabulous holiday. As wipes go I think these are the best quality that I have tried, although I'll never be convinced to convert to wipes on a daily basis. The mask is a really good budget face mask, quality ingredients and no added nasties. Jude xx

  3. I thought the wipes were ok, but I couldn't handle the smell of the wipes.

  4. @Sweet As Honey, Yes they are ok for occasional use, I didn't mind the smell too much. Jude xx

  5. The mask sounds lovely! I've been curious about their skincare products, thanks for the great reviews :)

  6. @Vintage Makeup, These products are excellent value for money. My daughter uses most of their skin range as she is student nurse so is on a tight budget. Jude xx

  7. I've tried Yes to Blueberries, Tomatoes and Carrots and my skin didn't like any of them! Such a shame as I really like their ethos but I can't argue with a blotchy irritated face!


  8. Blueberries? I didn't even know there was a blueberries range, it's such a shame that your skin didn't like the products. Jude xx


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