15 August 2011

A beauty Blogging Male Direct From The Chap Blog

When the lovely Michael from The Chap Blog offered to guest post for me whilst I was on holiday I was absolutely delighted.  I have been following his blog since he started blogging and it's fabulous to read about male products from a male's perspective.

Blowing My Own Blog Horn!
Hey boys and girls, Jude was looking for guest bloggers and I thought this would be a great opportunity to write about something about male grooming on a beauty bloggers blog. Well I Tweeted Jude back and asked her what she would like me to write about. She suggested writing about why you, Jude’s followers should read and hopefully follow my blog The Chap Blog. In Jude’s words “Blow my blog horn!”

So maybe I should introduce myself first and let you know who I am, what I look like and why I started blogging.

Here’s the picture first!

So….I’m Michael and I write all the posts for The Chap Blog. I originally started writing about male grooming products on a very dear friends beauty blog, you may know her as May or Stephanie May from May Loves Makeup. I've watch her beauty blog grow from the beginning into a very successful and popular blog. Her honesty, ethics and positivity in the way she writes and presents her blog finally inspired me to set my own blog up.
I started blogging back in November 2010 when I took voluntary redundancy; I needed an everyday hobby to keep me busy, use my brain and write about things I enjoy; and that's what it's really about......enjoyment! The journey to where I am now has been fantastic and the blog has really opened up opportunities I would never have done if I hadn’t started.

If I was asked what my unique selling point is, I would have to say that my blog isn’t only writing reviews on high end products, I also write about products most chaps and girls can pick up in their local stores. I also enjoy filming tutorials and reviews on You Tube. Here's the link,
Now I don’t like to blow my own ‘blog horn’, so I’m going to quote Fee from Makeup Savvy. It was lovely to hear what Fee thought of my blog and how her chap has improved his daily grooming ritual. Maybe your chap may end up having more products than you in the bathroom if you follow me!
The Chap's blog is definitely a blog aimed at male grooming and is packed full with product reviews of all different types - though quite a few of his reviews are suitable products for women (I especially like his posts of Dental Hygiene products). But it's also a blog definitely worth bookmarking on your boyfriends laptop to encourage a bit of self-grooming, which is exactly what I did and I have definitely seen an increase in my boy's spending in Boots! I can 100% see this blog really appealing to most men as it doesn't go into detail about looking styled or buff! It's just to the point and honest - which is what I think men need.”
I would love to make a difference and help both men and women get the most out of the products out there. The majority of men are really shy when it comes to male products and grooming, so it is up to you lovely ladies to point them in the right direction sometimes; now you have a subtle way of doing it. Why not skip along and if you like my blog please follow me.
I hope you’ve found this interesting and thank you so much for reading this and hopefully my blog.
Have a great week and you can also chat to me on Twitter!
The Chap : )

Go follow him girls, he'll give you an honest insight into products for the men in your life and he also hosts regular fabulous giveaways.

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