30 August 2011

Hot Sexy Feet This Summer By Muzammil Bashir

It's amazing how we neglect our feet during periods of bad weather, we shove our feet into socks and boots and tend to forget about them.  It's only when the warmer weather arrives or we are off on holiday that we show them any love and attention.  When Muzammil from pretty-small-shoes.com offered to guest post for me I was delighted that the topic would be how to take care of your feet.

Hot Sexy Feet this Summer

Your feet go through so much, day in and day out so it’s important to spend some time taking care of them. This is especially the case throughout the summer period, when you’re more likely to have your feet on show. Having gorgeous kissable feet will make you feel more confident and keep you looking great, here are some tips to keep your feet looking great this summer.

Soaking your feet

After a long stressful day it’s always good to soak your tired aching feet. Pour some warm water into a tub and add some bath salts or bath soak and emerge your feet into water. Let them soak for15 – 20 minutes so that they soften up nicely.

Scrubbing your feet

After a soak, thoroughly dry your feet and apply a foot scrub, liberally massage the scrub into your feet concentrating on the stubborn hard skin areas such as, underneath the toes, the ball of the feet and your heels. As the skin will be soft after the soak this should help the skin come away a lot easier. Once you have repeated this on the other foot then immerse your feet into the water again and take off the scrub. You can then use a cuticle stick to tidy your cuticles and nails.

Moisturising your feet

Once your feet are dry again you will need to moisturise. Massage the foot cream into both feet liberally; if you do this before you go to bed you can put socks over your feet to trap in the moisture, so when you wake up you will have soft feet.

Keep your feet tidy

If you continue this routine on a regular basis (at least once a week) then your feet will start to look and feel great in no time. Keep an eye on your toenails weekly, so that you know when they need trimming, when your cuticles need tidying up and keeping them well polished. Well groomed toenails are very attractive, so keep the nail file at the ready!

Fish for your feet

Depending on how bad your hard skin is, it can be a tough task, but now that there are special fish available that can do this for you. This makes hard skin a walk in the park and your feet will be baby soft. There are some places that offer a pedicure straight after the treatment, such as polishing and trimming etc.

I hope this has given you some tips for great looking feet, as long as you follow these tips regularly then you can’t go wrong!

My name is Muzammil Bashir. I’m working with the Senior Editor of pretty-small-shoes.com – Specialising in small size shoes for women with small size feet.

Muzammil Bashir

My sister has tiny feet, she is a UK size 2 - European size 34 and has always struggled to find stylish shoes in her style, for most of her adult life she has had to by children's shoes.  Over at pretty-small-shoes.com the shoes sizes start at European size 32 - UK size 13.  If you have small feet you will be overwhelmed by the vast choice of beautiful shoes, they also ship worldwide.

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