23 September 2011

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Kit

There is nothing I like more than doing a bit of beauty shopping at 37,000 feet.  The first thing I do once I am settled in my seat is browse the duty free catalogue.  The Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye kit appealed to me as I have been using the Gel Eyeliner for several years so I know how good it is and I was particularly interested in the Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow.  There is usually a different Bobbi Brown set available once or twice a year as a travel exclusive.

So here is what is in the Long Wear Eye Kit.

As you can see you get a little mini bottle of Long Wear Make Up remover, a Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink, a Long Wear Cream Shadow in Sandy Gold and a double ended brush.

I'm not a big fan of eye make up removers, I like a cleanser that I can use on my eyes as well as my face, but I have to say as eye make up removers go this one is really good.  It dissolves make up on contact and efficiently removes every trace in one sweep of a cotton wool pad.  There was no rubbing required and I was not left partially sighted by the product smearing in my eye.  Although I wouldn't rush out and buy a full sized bottle I would happily use this again if it turned up in another travel set.

The Long Wear Gel Liner is lovely, once it's on it stays there until I take it off, there is no smudging or budging with this one, the thing I most like about this eyeliner is that it doesn't creep into the crinkles on my crepey eyelids.  Would definitely recommend this if you are a lady of a certain age but don't want to give up your liner.

The Long Wear Shadow worried me a bit, I have tried squillions of cream eye shadows that promise not to crease, I have tried umpteen primers that promise the gift of smooth eyelids and shadow that doesn't budge, I'm still looking for a primer that lives up to the hype.  So there I was in 97 degrees in Florida trying a cream eye shadow.  First of all the colour is a lovely neutral sand colour as opposed to gold, no glitter but a hint of shimmer, it covered my tea stain coloured eyelids perfectly to give a nice fresh colour wash, that coupled with the Espresso Ink liner gave a perfect daytime look.  I have to tell you ladies this eye shadow did not crease, even in the Florida heat, I am so impressed with this shadow that I will be purchasing a few more when I am next near a Bobbi Brown counter.

The Brush to be honest is a waste of time, it is far too small for me to work with, I have a full size Bobbi Brown liner brush and that is perfect.

This Travel Exclusive set cost £27.00 which is good value for money as the eye shadow is £15.00 and the eye liner is £15.50  I purchased this set on a Virgin Atlantic flight.

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