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FULLfast - The NEW 100% Natural Appetite Control Spray

When I was sent FULLfast to try I have to admit I was sceptical, I have tried appetite suppressants in the past and I got nothing more than a racing heartbeat.  Admittedly it has been years since I have tried anything like this so I was hoping that things may be a bit different.

The first problem I had was deciding when to try FULLfast, as some of you know I work shifts and sometimes can go 12 hours without eating a thing due to the nature of my job.  I then decided to try FULLfast whilst I was on holiday.  I was spending 2 weeks in Florida, the land of fast food and HUGE portions.  Now I come from a generation where you were not allowed to leave the table until your plate was empty, I am sure this has followed me into adult life and I will clear my plate even when I am fit to burst.  I was hoping that FULLfast would break this lifetime habit.

FULLfast natural appetite control

So, here is how you use FULLfast :-

DOSAGE: Pump 3 sprays under the tongue a few seconds apart, 5 times a day and at least 30 minutes before or after meals. For example: twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon and once in the evening before or after dinner.
FULLfast™ should be used regularly.  The best results are achieved with continuous use, at least 4-8 weeks.  The sublingual spray is the ideal formula for FULLfast™, as the sublingual mucosa is very fine and has an excellent blood supply, enabling rapid absorption of the product’s active ingredients.

Each 50ml bottle lasts 30 days.

I carried this around in my bag for the 2 weeks and used it as instructed.  I ordered child meals, which in USA are still larger than adult meals in the UK, sometimes I would just share a meal with my daughters by asking for an extra plate.  I would say whilst using FULLfast my daily intake of food was half of what it normally is, I ate until I was satisfied and not until the plate was empty.  I don't believe in weighing myself but I know I have lost weight as my clothes are much looser and I can see a physical difference on my thighs and stomach area.  I didn't use FULLfast yesterday as I was feeling the full effects of jet lag but I only ate half of my dinner and I didn't snack at all, I was amazed by this as when I am tired I always head for the chocolate, in fact now I think about it I haven't had any chocolate since I started using FULLfast, wow, that is a miracle in itself.  I will continue using FULLfast now that I am back in the UK as the bottle provides one month supply.  If nothing else FULLfast seems to have retrained my brain into not overeating.  I am delighted with the results, will you be giving it a try?

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  1. Wow very interesting. I've not tried anything like this but it seems to have worked for you i am impressed xx

  2. To be honest hun I never expected it to do anything for me, I am so surprised by the results. I think I did the right thing by using it on holiday as I think most of us have a tendency to overeat on holiday, I am just amazed that I went to the land of junk food and lost weight xx

  3. wow, this sounds great stuff, just like you I am off to florida would love to know if you would recomend this ?

  4. lizpgy thanks for your comment, all I can say is it worked for me, if you look on the FULLfast website then you will see what other people have had to say. I really didn't think it would work but I'm happy to say I have had a good result and no side effects at all x

  5. Wow, that's awesome! I'd love to try it. :)

  6. Vintage Makeup, I'm really thrilled and very surprised at how well it worked :) x

  7. This sounds really impressive, I snack loads at work and I’m tempted to get it just to help with that, not so much about losing weight but just not eating rubbish. Or maybe developing will power would be better!

  8. Discovering Beauty, thank you for your comment. I can only say that from experience of this product snacking for me has practically disappeared, I used to be terrible for the late night munchies but now once I've had my dinner in the evening I don't tend to have anything else to eat and if I do then I will think about what I am going to eat instead of grabbing the chocolate or the biscuits. xx

  9. How interesting.. I am not sure I am brave enough to try this but it made interesting reading and I am glad it works for you :-)

  10. Jude, you're so good. You only head for chocolate when tired? I always head for chocolate! Not really a good way to lose weight! I have read about this spray and never known anyone who has reviewed it. I will definitely have to try it now--totally trust you!

    As always, another great post! Thank you. x

  11. Wow I should have a bottle of this in every cupboard in my kitchen lol - I'm impressed!
    Nic x

  12. I'm impressed! None of the appetite suppressants I've used have really worked.. wonder if I can get this in australia.. hm.


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