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Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray

Whenever I go to USA I love looking round the shops for new beauty products.  I also love their hair care ranges, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

On a recent trip to Florida I visited one of my favourite American shops, Target.  Now Target sells everything, food, clothes, electrical items, you name it and they sell it, they also have a hair and beauty section. I spent quite a few dollars in there I can tell you.

One of the ranges that caught my beady eye was the Organix hair range and in particular the Brazilian Keratin Therapy Range.  I picked up the Flat Iron Spray for $7.99 which is about £5.00

organix brazilian therapy flat iron spray

I use my GHD's every day and I am very aware of the damage that these can cause so I always use a flat iron protector.  For the last couple of years I have been using Lee Stafford Poker Straight and it has served me very well.  When I saw this on the shelves I was attracted by the fact that it is Sulfate and Sodium free and the ingredients of Cocoa Nut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil sound so nourishing and comforting.

You apply this onto dry hair, spritz directly onto the section of hair that you are about to straighten.  The smell is amazing, it reminded me of Pina Colada, the GHD's just glided over my hair, there was no snagging at all.  Once my hair was straightened it had the most amazing shine to it.  The lovely aroma stayed on my hair all day and it just felt so silky and smooth.

On my first day back at work after my holiday a colleague asked what I had done to my hair, I said I hadn't done anything to it and asked her what made her think I had, she replied that my hair was practically sparkling as it was so glossy and shiny.

I absolutely love this product and I am so pleased that I purchased 2 bottles which will hopefully last until I go back to America in December.

I have checked on the internet and you can buy this product from Amazon UK where it retails for £9.01 you can also purchase the shampoo, conditioner, serum and straightening treatment.  I am sure that if you search the internet you may be able to find somewhere that sells it at a more reasonable price.


  1. You know something works when someone randomly compliments you! :P Now i wana try ittt!

  2. Rachinald I absolutely love this stuff, I will be stocking up on the whole range when I go back to America in December, unless of course I can find it at a good price on the internet xx

  3. "Sparkling hair." What a great compliment! I haven't tried this product, so I really thank you for your review. You know, this friend here, would be happy to send anything you can't get in the UK. (In case you want something before December!!) x

  4. Thanks Moxie, I brought 2 bottles home with me so I think they will last until my next visit, you only need to use a small amount and the bottle is quite large. If I should have a disaster and run out though, you will be the first person to hear about it so you can send me emergency supplies :) Jude xx


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