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Radiant C Face Quencher From Herbalife

I jumped at the chance of giving this product a workout as I knew it would be perfect to try on my holiday to Florida.  Daytime temperatures were around 96 degrees with 80% humidity so I knew my skin was going to be suffering.  It is really difficult trying to keep your skin hydrated in those conditions, you are either outside melting or inside in the air conditioning, both of which are not skin friendly environments.

Radiant C Face Quencher was a skin saviour.

radiant c face quencher

This product comes in a very portable 50ml bottle so takes up minimum space in your handbag or pocket.  I kept mine in the fridge overnight before popping it into my bag each morning.  A quick spritz provides skin with a cool antioxidant burst and gives instant hydration and moisture.  I used about half my bottle during the 2 weeks and will continue to use it at work as I work in an air conditioned office, it will also help to freshen up my make up during a long shift.

This product retails at £7.00 so go and have a look at the Herbalife Website where you can find out all about their Radiant C range.

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  1. Oooo I really like the look and sound of that. I wonder how much it costs xx

  2. ok, website is a pain and prices are not listed. never mind. will have a look at my hollands and barretts (sp?) but I am already put off xx

  3. Liloo, the price is £7.00 per bottle. Herbalife is a company that uses individual distributors, a bit like Avon, the only difference being that you cannot by direct from the site, if you fill in the online form they will put you in touch with a local agent in your area xx


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