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Skin Science Bio Active Quicklift Mask

Don't you just love those words, Quick and Lift in the same sentence?  Well you might if you are over 40 and worried about the signs of ageing.

Now this isn't my first liaison with Skin Science, a little while ago I reviewed their Bio Active Renewal Complex Cream 

This brand is from Norway and is proven to delay skin ageing by a massive 20%.  It is inspired by the marine life found along the country's Arctic coastline and is based on key ingredients clinically-proven to have a radical effect on the skin.  The brand's scientists have created a range of 6 core products.

The Bio Active Quicklift Mask contains 2 of the company's patented ingredients, Quicklift and Spermine.  It claims to give a non-surgical facelift that is so effective it's been dubbed the 'Lunch Break Lift'.  In just 30 minutes the skin firmness is improved by up to 47%, powerfully lifting and plumping the skin on the face, neck and decollet√©.  This result will last for several hours.

So how does it work I hear you ask.  Well Quicklift is a non-sticky compound, it creates an invisible network of sugars that tighten, firm, smooth and brighten the surface of the skin.  

skin science bio active quick lift mask

The mask is a thick dark green gel.  You put an even layer over face, neck and decollet√© and relax until it is dry, now this can take anything up to 30 minutes depending on the temperature of your skin.  It has quite a pungent smell but it isn't unpleasant.  Mine dried in about 20 minutes.  Whilst it is drying there is a tightening sensation.  It is recommended that you peel the skin off in one piece, easier said than done, but I managed to get it off in 3 pieces.  My skin was definitely lifted and my 'sleep creases' had almost disappeared, my jawline felt firmer than it has in a long time.  Later in the day when I checked my face in the mirror the effects were still evident and my skin felt so smooth and soft.  Oh how I wish I had the time and the money to apply this every morning.  I have to say that this is the most effective lifting skin product that I have ever used, it's just a shame that the effect is temporary.

The mask retails at £60 for 100ml.  I know that is very expensive for a mask but for me the results were so impressive that I will definitely re-purchase.  I would only use this on special occasions and I have estimated that I would get at least 7-8 masks which is about £7.50 per mask, which is money well spent in my book for such a confidence boost.

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  1. wow a gel mask, I kind of want to try it now xD

  2. You should give it a try it's fabulous :) Jude x

  3. Vintage Makeup it is fabulous especially if you have a special occasion to attend. xx Jude

  4. I'm sad to read the results are only temporary! LOL! x I shall certainly have to check out this product if you believe it's the best lifting skin product you've tried! Thank you for the post, Jude! x


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