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ANGEL EDT By Thierry Mugler

I am really excited as this is my first ever fragrance post on the blog.  What better way to start than with a new twist on an already iconic fragrance.

I have to be honest and say that I never tried the original Angel fragrance, I think that because of the adverts and the packaging I just assumed that it was aimed at very young women.  When I was offered the opportunity to try the new fragrance I visited my nearest department store to test the original fragrance so that I could make a comparison.  I have to say that I found the original EDP very sweet and quite powerful, it reminded me of candy floss and toffee apples.  After a couple of hours it had dried down to a lovely more wearable scent.  I sprayed this perfume on my wrist at 10am and I could still smell it at 10pm.

Now onto the new Angel EDT.

Angel by Thierry Muglar

Just look at that bottle, isn't it a thing of beauty, it's absolutely gorgeous.  The bottle is quite heavy and the lid is magnestised.  The bottle is also refillable.

Now onto the contents.  It is claimed that Angel EDP is softer, smoother and more subtle than the original.

The fragrance is structured in three waves, Heavenly, Delicious and Voluptuous.

Heavenly - Bergamot and Pink Peppercorn.

Delicious - Praline and Pink Fruits

Voluptuous - Cedar and White Musk

When I first sprayed this I could definitely smell the citrus from the bergamot, this quickly dried down to a gorgeous woody aroma and then the white musk kicked in.  Once settled this is a very sophisticated fragrance, much more grown up than Angel EDP.  I have been wearing this to work for a couple of days and I have had several people ask me what perfume I am wearing, even a few of the men have asked.  The more I wear this fragrance the more I like it.  I think this will definitely be on my Christmas wish list

Go to Mugler's Official Channel and see the making of the advert for ANGEL EDT.  Then pop over to see the beautiful Eva Mendez in the television advert.

ANGEL EDT retails at £46 for a 40ml refillable spray and £65 for an 80ml refillable spray.

*PR Sample


  1. WOW! What a lovely post, I love the photos which really shows off the pretty bottle. I adore the original Angel and have been through a few bottles and now have a refillable one. I haven't tried this but reading your review I want to run out to the shops now! xx

  2. Sherrie, It really is lovely, funnily enough I couldn't find the bottle this morning, I eventually found it in my daughter's room, I think I'm going to have to hide it as I'm not good at sharing beautiful things! Jude xx

  3. It sounds great! :) I love the bottle!

    Perfume bottles are always so pretty, and the scent sounds fabulous!

  4. Vintage Makeup, The bottle is gorgeous isn't it, I even had the idea that if you don't refill with perfume you could always put coloured water in it to match your colour scheme. Jude xx

  5. I think Im the only one who detests Angel with a passion. Along with Womaninity and Alien. Yuck yuck YUCK lol

    Love the photos though.

  6. Ms Red, I was really surprised to find that I liked it as much as I did, I have never tried Alien and I've never even heard of Womaninity, I will try them out and let you know what I think. Glad you like the photographs, wanted to really show off how beautiful the bottle is. Jude xx

  7. OOh i love the look of this, it would look gorgeous on my dressing table. I will have to go and have a sniff to try it xx

  8. Nicoletta, It smells as lovely as it looks :) Jude xx

  9. Might have to give this a tentative sniff, original Alien is up there with Poison, Paris and Obsession in my hit list of the most toxic substances any woman ever sprayed herself with. But weirdly Alien was my signature scent for 2 or 3 years. Every time I wore it someone commented on how lovely it smelt and then one day I went off it. Had a brief flirtation with Womanity last week, had a sample in a magazine and loved it. Sprayed older, nearly empty bottle in Boots & wanted to amputate my arm -stale Womanity is vile!

  10. Ihavemostlybeen, I have to confess I was never a fan of Poison either, my sister however used to walk round in a cloud of Poison and was always complimented on it. Funny old game this fragrance lark!! Jude xx

  11. Hi

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog I am now a follower Your blog looks great.

    I love the look of the bottle its so pretty.


  12. The Brunette, thank you so much for the follow. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous. Jude xx

  13. Must admit I was an Angel hater too, though my friend and sister both wore it as their signature scent and totally carried it off! Personally I'm glad to hear that they've created something more subtle and will def check this out. Gorgeous review & pics xx

  14. Strawberry Blonde, Thankyou, this new one is definitely more grown up and sophisticated. Jude xx

  15. Well now, how embarrassing. I've never tried the original one, and I haven't tried this. Love the bottle, and after your review, I will have go and check it out next time I'm out shopping. Thanks for the post! x


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