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Cash For Shopping via Quidco

I tend to do most of my shopping on-line, holidays, food shopping, beauty products, gifts, books, you name it I buy it.  The only thing I don't buy on-line is clothes and shoes for myself.

A couple of years ago I signed up to Quidco after a work colleague told me how to earn cashback whilst shopping on-line.  I opened an account and I haven't looked back since.  I average about £50-£100 a month in cashback, more if I have purchased holidays or insurance.  Now I always use my cashback to treat myself to something nice, or I save it to spend on products in duty free when I go away.

It is so simple to use Quidco just open an account and type the name of the on-line shop you want to go to in the search box, then just shop as normal, your order and payment is then tracked and a month later your cashback is paid direct into your account.

All of the main high street and on-line stores are on there, you can even get cashback on purchases you make through QVC.  As well as cashback you can get special discount codes so you make double savings.  With Christmas just around the corner sign up now and earn yourselves some money to spend in the sales.

Just go to the Quidco Website and get shopping girls.


  1. I use quidco too, though am shocking at remembering to use it at times! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hi Nic, I tend to use it more for larger purchases and anything from QVC, but the cashback soon mounts up and that is a good enough reminder for me :) Jude xx


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