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Cellu Smooth From The Beauty Works

Cellulite, the curse of women everywhere, fat, thin, young or old, cellulite does not discriminate and we've all tried various treatments to get rid of it.  I have to say that none of the treatments that I have tried have made a scrap of difference to the little bit of cellulite that I have at the top of my legs.  Admittedly I have never tried any electrical appliances to rid myself of my orange peel, only lotions, potions and brushes.  The lotions, potions and brushes have usually made a difference in the texture of my skin but they haven't dealt with the actual cellulite.

So, as you can imagine when I was sent the Cellu Smooth to try I was a bit sceptical and also a tad nervous.

review of cellu smooth from the beauty works

On opening the box I was surprised to see only 2 buttons, one for power and one for intensity, the instruction leaflet is also super easy to understand.  It comes with 250ml of conductive gel.

What they say......

  • Body shaping
  • Smooth firm appearance
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation
  • When used in conjunction with diet and exercise, Cellu-Smooth will improve body shape by mobilzing the Cellulite
  • Mobilizs fatty deposits allowing them to exit the body naturally
  • On a gentle setting it will relax tired and aching muscles
  • Treatments of 15 minutes daily for just a few weeks, can work wonders on your body
  • Helps give your skin a healthier and smooth appearance
  • No vigorous massaging
  • No painful pummelling
  • No harsh body scrubs

What I say......

When I switched it on I thought it was broken, there was no noise, no movement, nothing, then I read the instructions again.  I put a thin layer of gel on my area of concern, switched the unit on and opted for high intensity and just moved the unit around on my thigh for the recommended 15 minutes.  After a few minutes there was a lovely, comforting warmth on the area that I was treating.  Now 15 minutes each leg every night for 2 weeks is a huge commitment.  I would use this every night in my lounge whilst watching TV, with the curtains closed of course.  After 2 weeks I have to say I did notice a marked improvement, not only in the texture of my skin but also in it's appearance, although I still have cellulite it is a lot less noticeable and the skin feels much tighter and smoother in that area.  I am now using the unit a couple of times a week as a maintenance programme.

I have also used the unit on my shoulders as I carry all of my tension in my shoulders.  It is perfect for relaxing muscles in that area after a long hard day at work.

You maybe surprised to learn that this magic little machine retails at only £49.99 and is available at The Beauty Works

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  1. It sounds like a cool product! :)

  2. Vintage Makeup, I was really sceptical at first but it really does work, I have started using it on my knee today as I have some aching and pain there and it has really soothed it :) xx

  3. Gosh this sounds good... I too have spent a fortune on anti cellulite products in the past. Currently using one by Roc as I'm going on a winter holiday. 15mins a day sounds like a lot, but if it worked I'd def do it!
    Nic x

  4. Hi Nic, I was concerned about being committed to the 15 minutes a day but I have to say it's really relaxing, especially if you do it in front of the TV. I have also been using it on my aches and pains on my knee and shoulders, it's been brilliant. Jude xx


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