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Diva Professional Stay Hot Rollers

Last week I posted a review of Diva Profession Big Hot Wand  This week I'll be showing you the Diva Professional Stay Hot Rollers, once again as tested by my daughter, Amy.

So first of all let me show you the actual rollers.

review of diva professional stay hot rollers

As you can see you receive 8 large Rollers, 6 medium rollers and 6 small rollers.  20 professional colour coded pins, you also get 6 spare pins and 10 butterfly clips.

The on off switch lights up when on and there is a heat ready indicator.  If you look closely at the middle picture you will see that the large roller in the top right hand corner has a green dot on top of it, this roller must always be in that position before switching on.  Switch the unit on and close the lid, the rollers take around 10 minutes to heat up, the green dot on the large pink roller will turn a grey/white colour when the rollers are heated and ready to use.

When Amy first tried these she could not get any curl out of them at all, after reading the instructions properly she realised where she was going wrong, they recommend using on clean, almost dry hair.  So she blow dried her hair almost dry and then put the rollers in.  The result is as below, she had loads more volume and a nice natural wave.

results of diva professional stay hot rollers

Amy is really pleased with these rollers, they are a staple part of her going out routine and if the curls she achieves aren't 'curly' enough she'll just boost them with the Diva Professional Big Hot Wand.

The Stay Hot Rollers are available at until 26th October 2011 they are on special offer for £34.99 RRP is £37.99

Visit Diva Pro on their FACEBOOK PAGE and on their TWITTER PAGE where you can find out more about all their products and enter their regular giveaways.

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  1. They look great, my rollers are slightly different, with less rollers which are a pain.
    Loved how the curls turnt out on your daughter.


  2. Thanks Holly, can't wait until my hair grows a bit so that I can try them out myself. Jude xx

  3. Glad to see the rollers, as I also enjoyed the post about the Wand. I love the photo of your beautiful daughter. Really great--although not all due to the rollers, of course! x

  4. Her hair looks lovely! :) They give a nice natural look.

  5. @Moxie thank you for your lovely comment xxx

    @Vintage Makeup Thank you for your lovely comment xxx

  6. great!!! I love hot rollers! :)

  7. Awesome Blog, i love it!! <3
    I found and followed you from the Monday Blog Hop

  8. Thank you MrAJBx3 I am now following your fabulous blog too :)


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