11 October 2011

Diva Professional Styling Big Hot Wand

Quite a few weeks ago I was sent two items from Diva Professional Styling to try.  The Big Hot Wand and the Stay Hot Rollers.  Now before I got round to trying either of these products I had a major hair cut and as a result I have enrolled my daughter, Amy, to road test these products.

So first up is the Diva Pro Styling Big Hot Wand.

First impressions are it's pink, a very stylish, professional looking pink.  It's not too heavy so no aching arms, easy to use controls, it comes with a little heat protection stand and a finger protector.

It has a 19 - 32mm curling wand, it is ready to use in 30 seconds, LED indicator light flashes until the selected temperature has been reached, 25 heat settings, a cool tip and a 3 m salon length swivel cord.

To switch on you just press and hold the black button for about 10 seconds, select desired temperature and wait until the light stops flashing.  Use on dry hair.  Wind hair around the the heated barrel, allow 10 seconds for the curl to form then allow hair to cool before styling.  Amy has really straight hair and she was able to achieve these results on her first use of the styling wand.  Amy found the finger protectors difficult to get on with so she risked removing her fingerprints and used the wand without the protector.  The cool tip on the wand helped to minimise the risk of burnt fingers and I'm happy to report her fingerprints are still intact.

Since these pictures were taken Amy has used the styling wand many times and the results have just got better and better.  Amy recommends that you use a heat protection product on your hair as this wand really does get hot.

Maintenance of the wand is simple, just wipe clean any build up of styling product with a damp cloth once the wand is cool.

Diva Pro Styling Big Hot Wand is available at www.sallyexpress.com for £39.98

You can visit Diva Pro Styling on their Facebook Page  and Twitter Page where you will find information about all of their products, they also host fabulous giveaways.

Review of the Diva Pro Stay Hot Rollers coming soon.

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