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Laptop Trays From KIco

I don't know about you but I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my lap top.  A few weeks ago I noticed a reddish/purple mark on my left leg, it didn't take long to work out that this little mark was caused by the heat emitted from my lap top.  I decided that I needed a lap top tray, I had a look in the usual High Street stores and couldn't see anything that I really liked.  I then had a rummage around the internet and found a fabulous site that had an array of lap top tray designs and also gave you the option of designing your own.  I toyed with the idea of having a tray with a photograph of my blog on it, but eventually came up with this :-

keep calm and carry on blogging laptop tray from Kico

As you can see there is a bean bag attached to the bottom of the tray.  It is very lightweight and really comfortable once on your lap.

I purchased this one for my daughter.

keep calm and call batman laptop tray from Kico

This one is from their standard stock range and she absolutely loves it.

I paid £25.99 for the Batman tray and £28.99 for the Custom Keep Calm Tray.  P&P is £3.76 and I think this is regardless of how many trays you order.  I placed my order last Wednesday evening and the trays arrived on Saturday morning.

So, if you're struggling for present ideas why not pop over to


  1. omg what a great idea! So how did you deal with the mark on your laps? My laptop overheats too and I ende up putting a cushion between the laptop and my legs :/

    Would love to get the hubby the batman tray, thanks for the idea!


  2. Hi Esteem, I am currently using some bio oil to see if that will fade the mark on my leg. These lap top trays are a great idea if you use your lap top as often as us beauty bloggers do :) Jude

  3. My bf would love the batman one!

  4. Hi Emma, they're fab aren't they, my daughter loves hers :) Jude

  5. Hi Beauty Balm, I love it too :) Jude x

  6. Wow! I always use a laptray for my laptop and mine is starting to break. This would be the ideal replacement! x

  7. Hi hun, aren't they fab, I would definitely recommend that you replace your old one with one of these :) Jude x

  8. Oooh I love the blogging one!! *puts on Christmas list* Thanks for letting us know about them :) xxx

  9. Hi Natalie, I hope whoever reads your Christmas list gets you one of these as they are great :) Jude x

  10. LOVE this! such a great idea

  11. Haha love these... I use a little table (Ikea cheapo) as it would hurt my neck looking down at the laptop on my knee for too long (giraffe woman. Great pressies though!
    Nic x


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