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The Pure Emporia Winter Skincare Collection

This post is from The Pure Emporia, a website created for you to buy all your natural and organic skincare products in one place.  The website is very informative and there is even a section telling you which ingredients to avoid.  So without further ado, read The Pure Emporia recommendations on how to care for your skin during the winter months.

Autumn has arrived after finally pushing out the last of the summer sun, and can’t we feel the difference. Along with the Autumn leaves falling, the cold wind and the heating being turned on comes with it a change in our skincare routines.

Whether you spend your whole life in doors or outside, the changing of the seasons will have an effect on your skin.
In addition to the cold, windy outdoor air, your skin will also respond to the drier indoor atmosphere that results from the heating, fireplace and other heat sources that suck humidity from the air.

The way that winter affects your skin depends on your skin type as well as the severity of the weather where you live. It’s all about understanding what your skin needs to look and feel good. Even if you’ve never noticed any visible changes in your skin with the changing seasons, your skin can respond differently to seasons as you age or if you are going through other changes such as medication or stress.

The cooling of outside temperatures, the wind and then the addition of indoor heating may lead to dry itchy skin. While many will reach for extra moisturiser this may not be the only answer:

Often! Regular exfoliation enhances your skin’s ability to absorb moisturiser. You may want to do this just on your face, but your whole body will benefit from a regular exfoliation after wearing all of those thick winter clothes. Try the award winning Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser to keep your face looking smooth and wrinkle free.

Use the most natural product that you can buy. Many of the chemicals added to your skincare and beauty products can actually cause dry skin, excema, psoriasis and a whole myriad of other side effects. By avoiding these you will be doing yourself a big favour. All of the products sold at The Pure Emporia are checked for ‘nasty’ ingredients so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Lotions with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Avocado Oil, are ideal for your body.  Erbaviva Breathe Body Lotion with Almond Oil is perfect to nourish and moisturise your skin during the winter. Avoid irritating minerals and chemicals, such as alcohol based toners if you have sensitive or dry skin as they can take away your natural oils. Mind you, I would say to avoid irritating minerals and chemicals at any time of the year!

With really sensitive skin opt for a milk or foaming cleanser and an alcohol free toner. You should find these to be gentler and less drying on your skin. Try Suki Creamy Foaming Cleanser, a luxurious hydrating cleanser for your face.

Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body from the inside. But you also need to look after the outside:

Sunglasses and a hydrating eye cream are a must for the winter season if you want to keep your eye area from lines and wrinkles. Try Kimia Precious Eye Serum an intense eye serum that penetrates the skin to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Lips can get really dehydrated during winter months. To protect from dehydration always keep a hydrating lip balm close by. Look for balms made with Beeswax or Shea Butter such as Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm in a pot.

Moisturise as regularly as your skin needs it. You may need to use a thicker moisturiser such as a night cream or a facial serum such as Essential Care Superfruit Concentrate to ensure that your skin gets the moisture it needs.

When applied to dry, winter skin, foundation can appear caked and flakey. To avoid this parched appearance, always apply face makeup following moisturiser and even add a bit of lotion to your liquid foundation to help maintain all day hydration. If you would rather have a more natural appearance then Suki Tinted Moisturiser contains grapeseed and jojoba oils to maintain moisture levels but also gives that natural even skin tone appearance.

Stick with creamy moisturising cleansers to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid alcohol based soaps if you are sensitive as these will only dry your skin. Try Erbaviva Breathe Body Wash for a refreshing bath or shower.
Don’t forget to keep the water cool and your shower short to avoid dehydrating your skin. Hot baths, however nice will only dry your skin.

Now hopefully, you will be looking hydrated and gorgeous for the coming festive season.

Go and have a look at the vast array of natural products available for all members of your family at you can also follow them on Twitter 


  1. Lovely suggestions, and fab website too! Pure Emporia are a very boutique style site, right up my street!

  2. I really want to try that exfoliator!!

  3. Sam, it is a lovely website and the products they stock are just lovely xx

    Vintage Makeup, I've got my eye on that exfoliator too :) xx

  4. There are several products listed that I have been meaning to try and just haven't had the opportunity. This post was very helpful to remind me and decide which ones I should buy before it's actually winter weather!! xx

  5. Thanks for this post Jude, I've got some new things to try in the New Year now. That Suki Exfoliator looks lovely! xoxo


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