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Refuge's 40th Birthday - Forty Years Against Domestic Violence

Refuge is celebrating it's 40th year against Domestic Violence.  They have a birthday wish list and your support could help more than you could ever know.

Refuge is a charity that is very close to my own heart.  As some of you may or may not know, when I am not blogging about all things beauty, I work as a civillian investigator for my local police force.  In my role I investigate allegations of Domestic Abuse and deal with perpetrators and victims of Domestic Abuse on a daily basis.  I know first hand about the outstanding work that Refuge does and I also know that without them offering their services the lives of many women and children would be in serious danger.

Securing funds for Refuge is becoming more difficult in this economic climate and there is a real risk that their already meagre funds will be cut even further as local authorities make even more budget cuts.  The implications of this do not bear thinking about.

A few weeks ago I dealt with a perpetrator who had beaten and strangled his partner, after he left the property she managed to contact the police and he was arrested.  Because he denied the offence in interview and gave an account of how her injuries were caused, the Crown Prosecution Service would not give me an immediate charging decision, because of this decision I had no option but to release him from custody on bail for further enquiries to made.  Refuge was called upon to provide safe and secure accommodation for the victim, as I felt that she was in immediate danger from the perpetrator.

Without Refuge this victim and countless others would be in extreme danger from their violent partners.

So how can you help to ensure that this wonderful organisation is able to continue offering this invaluable service to women and children around the country?  Well, there of lots of ways you can help out, including:-


Buy a Christmas present for a woman or child in one of the refuges from John Lewis on Gift List 478985

Text a donation by texting REFU40 £2 to 70070 (text any amount from £1 to £10)

There are lots of other ways to raise money and support this very worthy cause.  Just visit

Hopefully none of you will ever need to call upon the services of Refuge, but please spare a thought for the 1 in 4 women that are suffering Domestic Abuse on a daily basis!

Anything that you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any form of Domestic Abuse then please go to the Refuge Get Help Now Page


  1. Considering 2 women a week are killed by partners or ex partners in this country it was quite shocking to discover that in one year, 1 donkey sanctuary receives more donations than ALL the domestic abuse charities in this country. It's not a soft and cuddly issue so we sweep it under the carpet. Thank you for posting and raising the issue of just how desperately funding is needed.

  2. Helen, it makes my blood boil when I read of how much funding other organisations are given in comparison to domestic abuse charities. When will they wake up and realise that organisations like Refuge actually save lives. Thank you for your lovely comment. Jude xx

  3. Very depressing! I really appreciate this and how you list the many ways that everyone can help. No excuses for not getting involved. Thank you, Jude, for a much needed post on Refuge! xx

  4. It's amazing that you made a post about this! You're lovely doll!

  5. this post touched my heart, its a sensitive subject but thank you for bringing awareness to the issue. my heart goes out to all the people in an abusive relationship.


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