5 December 2011

Aromatherapy Associates Christmas Gifts

So the countdown to Christmas begins.  I love Christmas and if I only had to buy gifts for myself then there wouldn't be a problem.  I get very frustrated at having to come up with something fabulous to give to another.  So to make my life easier, this year I have decided to give gifts that I would love to receive myself.  Aromatherapy Associates is a brand I fell in love with earlier in the year and I was delighted to be sent  two products from The Shinning Stars Christmas Collection.  First up is this little beauty.

I reviewed the mini selection of the Bath & Shower Oils some months ago.  Deep Relax is one of my favourite oils and I have decided to save this one for Boxing Day, after all the preparations for Christmas day, when all the shopping, cooking and hosting is over, I can think of nothing nicer than immersing myself into a bath containing Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, ahh bliss.  This would be a perfect present for a busy mum, a stressed out daughter, a fussy aunt or a  hard to please grandma.  At just £10 this won't break the bank and I'm sure whoever the lucky recipient is will be eternally grateful for this little bottle of luxury.

Next up is the most gorgeous candle I have ever used.

I was sent the Indulgence Candle which is infused with Jasmine and Geranium.  Now for the past month I have been having my whole house decorated, re-carpeted and new flooring put down.  Each time I walked in my front door I was greeted by the smell of gloss paint mixed with that new carpet smell and floor glue, not the most pleasant of fragrances.  Well on Saturday all of the work was finally finished so on Sunday I decided to finally light this candle.

Wow, within 5 minutes my lounge was filled with the most beautiful aroma, Geranium is one of my favourite aromatherapy oils and although the fragrance from the candle was not over powering I really could smell the Geranium over the Jasmine, they marry together beautifully and the result is a very luxurious, indulgent aroma. About 30 minutes after lighting the candle I went upstairs and was delighted that the fragrance had wandered all through the house totally eliminating the smell of the paint etc.

The candle has up to 30 hours of burning time and retails at £25.50 now I know that may seem rather expensive for a candle but when you measure that against the actually quality of the candle then I think it is worth every penny.  I would be over the moon if there was one of these under my tree on Christmas morning.

Aromatherapy Associates Christmas Gifts are available at Aromatherapy Associates Boutique & Treatment Rooms, 5 Montpelier Street,London SW7 1EX. T: 020 7838 1117

Liberty, Space NK, Fortnum & Mason and selected spas nationwide.

Or online at www.aromatherapyassociates.com

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  1. Really These gifts are awesome.and the candle is really gorgeous as u say.And the paper and the design is wonderful.

  2. These gifts look amazing! I got my mum some Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils last year and she loved them.

  3. @Jewel, thank you for your comment the candle really is gorgeous :)

    @Helena, thank you for your comment, your mum is a very lucky lady, I would be over the moon if my children got me anything from Aromatherapy Associates :)

  4. I was given the candle and it is truly gorgeous it will be on my list again and again

  5. Jude, I really stress trying to find gifts for others! These are great suggestions. The candle sounds like it's absolutely worth the price. These are great ideas and anyone would be thrilled to receive! xx Thanks for the post.

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  8. Really amazing! In few minutes a hall filled with the most beautiful aroma. Just make your house smell good is not enough for christmas, you need to consider other things too, like clenaing windows, carpets, floors, curtains etc., this will really gives your home smell good.

    Enjoy christmas with beautiful aroma with beautiful smile.
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  9. Geranium is also one of my favorite aromatherapy oils. I am tempted to drive 15 minutes away from home and buy the first Aromatherapy Associates product I see.

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