9 February 2012

Charlotte & Co Anti-Wrinkle Silk Pillow Case

I have read lots of articles about how silk pillow cases can help in the fight against wrinkles, so I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to review a pillow case from Charlotte & Co

The pillow cases are 100% silk, measure 53cm x 75cm and are finished with Oxford borders and their smart triple row cord.

The pillow cases are available in Ivory, Pink and Taupe.

The pillow cases can be hand washed or machine washed on a silk cycle setting.  Do not tumble dry.

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The claim is that the pure silk will not pull or crease sensitive skin and that means that you wake up with smooth skin.

When I had looked in the mirror the first morning after using the pillow case I was speechless, not by skin but by my hair!  Let me explain.  I am very unlucky in that every night the hair fairy visits my room, I have no idea what she does whilst I'm asleep, but when I wake up my hair resembles a burst mattress and hence I have to wash my hair every single day.  When I woke up the first morning after using the pillow case my hair was perfect, it was smooth and straight and I didn't even need to use my GHD's let alone wash it.  Because of this pillow case I can now wash my hair ever other day, this makes me very happy as it means an extra 30 minutes in bed on alternate days.

After I got over the shock of waking up with perfect hair I had a good look at my skin.  I have to say I did look less crumpled of face.  I tend to sleep on my right side and when I get up in the morning I have a vertical line in the middle of my cheek, as I have got older this crease takes longer and longer to disappear.  Since using  the pillow case I find that this crease is very minimal in the morning and has usually disappeared within an hour of getting up.

I am absolutely thrilled with this pillow case, not only has it changed my hair routine and been kinder to my face it also appears to stay cool throughout the night and believe me as a woman of a certain age who is prone to a few night sweats this pillow case has been a god send.

The pillow cases retail at £35 each but they are currently on off at £29 or you buy two for £55

You can view the current offer on the silk pillowcase on the WEBSITE

Charlotte & Co not only offer pillow cases, they have gorgeous bedding, night wear, yoga wear, swim wear, underwear.  Pop over to www.charlotteandco.co.uk and have a browse around, they have some fabulous offers on at the moment.

You can also follow Charlotte & Co on TWITTER and FACEBOOK

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