1 February 2012

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Tom Ford Lipstick

Almost a year ago I read this post from Charlotte at www.lipglossiping.com I knew then and there that no matter what, I would own a Tom Ford Lipstick in Pure Pink.  A word of warning readers, a visit to Charlotte's blog will seriously damage your wealth!

In April last year the husband and I travelled to London for a weekend, his mind on romance, my mind on Tom Ford.  I did my homework and booked a hotel at Marble Arch, which spookily enough is within walking distance of Selfridges.

As I walked into Selfridges my heart was all of a flutter, then, there it was in front of me, Tom Ford, Pure Pink, oh my goodness I was in love.  Only one thing was missing and that was a sales assistant.  I waited around for a little while, looking at the other shades of lipsticks, the husband was beginning to get restless and started asking awkward questions, like 'how much is it'?  I think I mumbled something like 'about a tenner I think', he then said he would pay for it and it was at this point I had to come clean and tell him that the lipstick of my dreams actually cost £36  Well he went quiet, he then went a bit pale, he then inhaled heavily and then he let rip, 'Thirty six pound for a lipstick.....................' and several other expletives which I cannot repeat.  He didn't shut up, he just went on and on about the price of this beautiful lipstick.  I put the lipstick back on the counter and walked out of the store with him still remonstrating loudly in my ear.  Once outside I suddenly felt enraged that as a woman of a certain age, who works hard, earns very good money, I had allowed this man to spoil my moment.  I mean, since when did I need his permission to buy a lipstick?  I think we discussed this fact whilst walking from one end of Oxford Street to the other.  He then did what most men at this point would do, he apologised and insisted that we go back to Selfridges and purchase the lipstick that he would pay for, I did what most women would do at this point and told him where he could shove the lipstick.

In June this year I fell down some stairs at work and hurt my back (stick with me, it's relevant) which resulted in me having to take a few weeks off.  During the second week I went into to work to take a doctor's note in.  On arrival I was presented with a forensic tube all taped up with forensic tape by a lovely work colleague.  I was intrigued and also slightly worried, I tentatively unwrapped the tube and inside was this..........

It was a beautiful moment and one of those rare occasions where I was rendered speechless.  I had told my colleagues about the incident in London and they had then clubbed together to buy me this thing of beauty, to say I was overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement.

Now here's the problem, I have had this lipstick since June, I love it so much I haven't even swatched it let alone use it.  My intention was to buy another one when I went to the USA in August, but to my sheer horror I found out that this shade has been discontinued.  Are there any bloggers out there that have a Tom Ford Pure Pink that they would like to sell, if so, give me a shout, I'll gladly take it off your hands.

So ladies have your make up purchases ever nearly caused a riot in your house?  Do you have a product that you love so much you are reluctant to use it?

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