6 February 2012

Wild, Fair Trade African Beauty Products

WILD is unlocking the botanical secrets of Africa for a beautiful skin and a beautiful you.  Using only natural ingredients of the very highest quality, we believe our products are as unique as you are.

I am trying to introduce as many natural products into my beauty regime as possible, so when I was asked if I would like to try some products from WILD I didn't hesitate to say yes.  I spent ages looking at their fabulous website and reading about how Valerie Outram started WILD.

With Valentines Day around the corner I was sent a Body Butter  and a Soap from the Romantic range.

If you buy the Body Butter and the Soap together they come packaged in this beautiful African print bag.

The bar of soap is huge, but it is 200g of complete loveliness.  There are no Parabens or SLS in any of the products.  It is a blend of Shea and Marula Oil, it is fragranced with Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Patchouli, it also has coconut to ensure you get excellent lathering.  The soap feels lovely and gentle on the skin, there is no dryness at all after use and it smells absolutely beautiful.  The other thing I love about this soap is that you can leave it on the side of the bath and there is no mushy, gloopy mess after you have used it.

You actually see how thick and luxurious this body butter is in the picture above.  Again there are no Parabens or SLS in this product.  It is 170ml of natural goodness, containing Shea, Marula Oil, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Patchouli.

When I opened the pot I immediately loved the fragrance but I was a little concerned at how thick the body butter was.  At this time of year my body skin is super dry and parched, I want to use a richer more nourishing body product but I don't want to be stood around for twice as long in the freezing cold trying to rub the product in or waiting for it to absorb before getting dressed.  My concerns were unfounded, my skin literally drank this body butter up, I actually applied two coats to my legs and arms last night, this morning my skin looks fabulously moisturised and has a lovely healthy sheen to it.

 Also, the little patch of eczema that I have on my back, is not dry or flaky this morning like it usually is and I didn't wake myself up last night scratching it like I have been doing for the past week!

There are 5 variations of the Body Butters and Soaps, Warm Sensual with Shea and Baobab  Zingy with Grapefruit and Kalahari Watermelon  Extra Hydrating with Shea and Cape Chestnut  Sensitive with Aloe and Avocado  and of course Romantic with Shea and Marula Oil

The Body Butters retail at £14.50

The Soaps retail at £5.25

WILD ship internationally and the full list of the shipping options and prices can be found HERE

You can view all of the products, read how Valerie started her company and all about the fabulous ingredients at www.mywild.co.uk

You can follow WILD on Twitter and on Facebook

Valerie also has a blog that she describes as a 'warts and all account of a journey to launch a skin care brand' you can read about her 'warts and all' at http://wildbeginnings.wordpress.com/

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