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Nailtiques Maui Hawaiian Nails

Today's guest post is brought to you by the fabulous Liloo from Le petit jardin de liloo

Hawaiian Nails


You can get the girl out of high street but you can't get the high street out of me and if a  brand doesn't usually sell in your average Boots or Superdrug, I am not usually interested. This  is true unless a brand gets a huge amount of hype around beauty blogs. American born brand Nailtiques  is one of these brands which my beauty blogging friends have been raving about and obviously I  had to find out for myself, if the praise is worth the hype. Nailtiques is best known for their  nail treatment range, and their ground breaking protein formula, which won them, not once but 9  times the best beauty buy award by InStyle Magazine.

Today, I want to share with you my impressions on Maui, a nail polish, part of their colour  range, designed with the same award winning protein formula.

They say:

”The colors are from our line's 16 classic shades, all infused with the same protein Nailtiques  nail treatments use. Our formula offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolyzed  keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium to build a healthy nail foundation.”

nailtiques maui hawaii

Maui is a bright corally pinky red creme which screams Summer and I love the fact that they chose  an Hawaiian Island to name it after. The application was an absolute dream and reminded me  straight away of the outstanding quality of the Leighton Denny nail polishes, which I didn't  think, until I tried Nailtiques could be rivalled. The best word to describe the delight of the  formula is creamy and I couldn't believe how easy was to apply. Not a hint of streak, drag,  bubble or anything like that in sight, the polish practically applied itself. I felt in control  of the application at all times and was able to take my time to guide the polish on my nail bed  and around the edges.

All fine and dandy, I hear you say, but what's the damage on the purse? Maui was gifted to me by a friend. I didn't know of its value  while first playing the polish but I knew right away it was high end polish, which the tight high  street girl in me wouldn't normally go for. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the  Nailtiques polishes retail at £8.75 at Look Fantastic. This is more than I would usually part  with but I would happily part with this amount of money for a Leighton Denny polish as treat,  even if the Leighton Denny polishes don't have the protein formula added bonus.

Maui required 3 generous coats to cover completely the 'white' nail line, which is 1 coat that I would  usually be happy to apply but the formula is such a dream to work with that I am happy to  overlook that. Besides when you know you're actually caring and strengthening  your nails while  painting your nails, you really don't mind.

Conclusion: I am in love, I need some more Nailtiques  colours in my life but I don't know which 'city' to go for next. Cairo, Shanghai, St Tropez? If  you own some Nailtiques, let me know which shade you would recommend :)

See, I told you she was fabulous.  Now pop over to Liloo's blog at and don't forget to check out her amazing Avatar make up HERE


  1. This looks beautiful on your nails Liloo... I love the idea of a nourishing nail polish!

    nic x

  2. What a gorgeous colour. It looks amazing

  3. Beautiful colour, sounds like a dream so I may have to invest it one, I'd never actually heard of the brand before.

  4. Such a lovely unusual colour it looks so expensive! Will look lovely over the summer months xxx

  5. Hi I use Milan and it's a beautiful all round colour but I think I'll try this one next


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