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Yardley London Advertising Campaign

Yardley London are launching their first advertising campaign for 16 years.  The campaign features 2 stunning models wearing floral dresses that reflect the fragrances in the new range.

The dresses were made by the very talented Petra STORRS  They were made from white crepe and adorned in silk flowers.

Here is a behind the scenes video showing how the dresses were made and the make up looks that were created by celebrity make up artist Karen Alder.

If you would like to attempt to recreate the make up look that Karen created for this campaign then read below on how to do this:-

Here are some tips on how to achieve this retro look with a contemporary twist….

If this is your first time creating this look on yourself, practise your winged tick with a bare face, lots of cotton buds and eye make-up remover first. It can sometimes take a few attempts at first to get the shape perfect. But soon you will have this nailed and have them on in seconds!!!!! This way you will have the tick down and not ruin your beautifully modern base your about to do.

 Skin should be sheer, fresh and dewy. Perfectly cleansed skin is key, I suggest investing in the Clarasonic brush, I love the Mia one as its small and travels well. Use your favourite cleanser and whiz away. It takes seconds, cleaning your skin 6 times more efficiently and leaves a wonderful glow. I am convinced my skin is firmer too and have significantly less break outs ( also it comes with a body brush, so perfect to use before applying my one of my favourite body lotions Yardley’s Lavender and the newcomer Daisy).

Next for some vitamin c. Try SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF, it delivers the perfect amount and is non greasy, then for a light moisturiser like Dermalogica’s Active Moist. Now our skin is perfectly prepped. Using a primer like NuBo’s voile really smoothes out your skin and leaves one having to use less foundation. Now for the make up...

Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere is my new go to base. Its long lasting, can be layered and is totally invisible, it’s matt so no to need powder! Use a foundation brush and really buff it into your skin, this really brings out the luminosity of the foundation and becomes seamless. Any areas needing a little more coverage use the perfection concealer, again long lasting and is totally invisible.

Now for a little contouring, this really lifts and sculpts your face. I used Fake Bakes bronzer, it gives a wonderful glow and very natural. Take a fan brush and shade away directly under your cheekbones shaping up and outwards, almost in the shape of a Nike tick. Then with the same brush, lightly shade the area under your jaw line just below your ears, this really enhances the jaw, I always lightly blend a little under my chin and down the centre of my neck, this really connects your face to your body! Take your foundation brush and blend, blend, blend. This too should be invisible. Now take a blend brush, I like Stila’s No 9 as it doesn’t malt and work a little of the bronzer into the socket line of your eye. This is an instant eye lift, I love it! Take Stila’s lip and cheek convertible colour in petunia and pat a little on the apple of your cheeks and blend into the sculpted bronze cheek bones. Pat a little of St Tropez skin illuminator in rose along the top of your cheekbones and up to your temples for an added glow.

Now groom brows with Suqqos eye pen, its amazing as it really gives a strength and definition to your brows yet completely natural. Concentrate on defining the upper arch of the brown and fade out to the edges, brush up and out with eyebrow gel, Becca cosmetics makes my favourite one.

Now for the tick, Take Lancomes artliner pen in black, I find this the easiest to use.  Hold a hand mirror so that you are looking down, this makes for an easier application. Add a wing to the lower lash line moving up and out, following the natural line of your jaw to ear really helps to get the angle right. Create smaller wings for a more chic cat eye, or increase for more drama. Take the line evenly along the bottom of the eye. In this look we went half way; this can be built up again for a stronger look. Then connect the tick to the upper lashes. Go half way first; you will almost make a triangle. Then again take the line as far into the inner eye line as you wish, follow the curve of the lash line and connect to the outer tick. 

Now for the lips. I patted a little of the convertible colour in petunia onto the lips and blended with a small lip brush. For more staying power, blot and repeat.

Karen Alder

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