5 August 2012

Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

If you are under the age of 45 then there is nothing to see here so please move along and make way for the women of a certain age.

I've been feeling a bit strange/odd/unwell for the last 6 or 7 months, nothing I could put my finger on, just a bit meh.  I have had lots of niggly symptoms such as extreme fatigue, weight gain, memory loss, cold hands and feet, tingly fingers and thinning hair just to name a few.  Then 2 months ago I started waking in the night in a hot sweat, not just a bit warm, I'm talking full on sweat, damp pillow, wet hair, oh my god, some nights I thought I was going to self combust with the heat.  I demanded my husband fit a ceiling fan immediately, which he duly did, this did not help, the breeze from the fan was lovely, however, the noise from the fan made me want to throw a brick at it.  When these tropical moments started happening during the day and some other symptoms appeared I decided it was time to visit the GP.  

Well that was easier said than done, it has taken 3 weeks to get an appointment due to a new booking system.  So on Friday off I went with my list of symptoms, yes I took a list as with my memory problems I couldn't trust myself to remember everything.  I reeled everything off that had been happening since January and when I had finished he said 'Jude, I think you'd have been better off going to the vet, they would've put you out of your misery'!  He then said that although some of the symptoms I'm having are clearly indicative of the menopause there are other symptoms that are more likely to be an under active Thyroid.  After discussing the treatment options open to me for both conditions he made an appointment for me to give an armful of blood and a follow up appointment in a few weeks.

When I got home I did what most people would do and googled my symptoms, now I don't normally do this as god knows what I would diagnose myself with and there is every chance that I could die from a misprint.

In this case though I have symptoms that would fit with both conditions.

Although I haven't had a conclusive diagnosis yet I want to investigate what treatments are available to me.

I just wondered if any of my readers are going through the menopause or dealing with Thyroid problems?  

I would like to know if you are treating these conditions with conventional medication or whether you have found natural remedies that are working for you.  How long after treatment started did you being to feel better.  Have you suffered any side effects from either conventional or natural remedies?  If you are happy to discuss this with me but don't want to do it in the comments then please feel free to email me at fairydust.dunn@gmail.com

I'm really looking forward to hearing about other people's experiences.

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