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JooMo Face Wash

JooMo is a skincare product for young people developed by Nick Wallen and Linda Russell.  The face wash includes 100% natural ingredients and includes the revolutionary skin care product SaponinJ, this is a proprietary skin repair system dealing with existing skin conditions, repairing the damage caused by synthetic products and rebuilds the skin's natural defences to prevent future problems.  The product is designed for young, sensitive skin.

So with this product being aimed at the young I gave the face wash to my 14 year old daughter.  Now she is a sensitive soul, well that's actually a lie, she is not sensitive at all but her skin is super sensitive.  As a toddler she could never have her face painted as she would react within seconds to the face paints, it took a few years to find a sunscreen that we could use on her and bubble bath was a big no no.  Although she has sensitive skin she is very lucky that she has pretty good skin at the moment, not too oily and I don't think she has ever had a spot in her life.  So this is what ChloĆ© had to say about JooMo Face Wash.

The packaging is nice, not too girlie or too boyish.  I like the smell, I hate things that smell flowery or fruity, this just smells nice and fresh.  It feels nice on the skin and rinses off easily, leaves the skin feeling nice and soft and not tight.

Joomo Face Wash review

Joomo Face Wash Ingredients

I can confirm that ChloĆ© has had no adverse reaction to this product at all.  I have used this a couple of times myself, purely for research you understand, I actually really like it, I'm not usually a fan of face washes but this is lovely to use.  This will definitely be a re-purchase in our household and if you have teenagers at home then I would thoroughly recommend that they give this a try. At just £4.75 for a 100ml tube you are getting something free of any nasty additives and you're getting your teens into a good skincare regime at an early age.

There is another great twist to this product.  JooMo are offering all 16 to 24 year olds the opportunity to join the JooMo Co-operative, they will have a chance to gain a stake in a growing business, take a share in the profits and have a say on how the co-operative is run.

For more information about the products, how the business was founded and about the co-operative please visit the

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  1. We've started spots early here, so def going to take a look at this. x

    1. Yes it's definitely worth giving it a go, most of the skincare aimed at problem teen skin is full of nasty chemicals, my daughter wouldn't use anything else now. Jude x

  2. Wow. This sounds great for one of my children to try as she has sensitive skin!! Great review. Thank you, Jude! xo

    1. Hi Moxie, I have been looking for a natural skincare product for my daughter and there is just nothing aimed at teen/sensitive skin that is truly natural, I am really impressed with JooMo and my daughter wouldn't use anything else now. Jude x


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