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Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Foundation

I first discovered Physicians Formula several years ago when I was working as Cabin Crew.  Whenever I go to America I always pick up some goodies from the range.  In April I spotted the Physicians Formula Youthful Wear range which consists of a concealer, a foundation and a powder.

The strap line for this range is "Look Up To Ten Years Younger Instantly"

The company claims that 100% saw less deep wrinkles & fine lines instantly.  94% saw lifted lifted and firmer looking skin after 3 weeks and 100% of women would use Youthful Wear as an alternative to a cosmetic procedure.

I purchased the Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Foundation and the Cosmeceutical Youth Boosting Concealer.  Today I will share my thoughts on the foundation.

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Foundation

This foundation comes with an application brush but I soon discarded that.  This is available in Fair, Light and Medium.  I chose Light as Fair was too pale for me with a bit of a tan and Medium is quite dark.  

The texture is like a very thick mousse but it does melt on contact with skin and gives excellent coverage, it even covered my sun spots on my cheeks without the need for further concealer.  One thing I did notice was that if you apply this foundation with your fingers it has a slightly gritty feel to it, but that disappears as you blend the foundation into the skin.

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Foundation swatches

Although the colour looks quite dark and orange on the inside of my arm it actually blended out to the perfect colour on my face.  Sadly with the lack of summer in the UK this is currently a bit too dark for me, when I go back to America I will be purchasing the Fair colour to wear on my paler days.

The most impressive thing for me about this foundation is that it lasts all day, once it's on it's on, I wore this whilst in Florida and normally I don't bother with foundation as it melts off in the heat, this stayed put until I removed it.

Now the big question is did it make me look 10 years younger instantly?  Well actually no it didn't, but what it did do is make me look less tired, it made my skin look firmer than it actually is and it did a great job of minimising my sleep creases first thing in the morning.

All in all I really like this foundation, in fact I think I would chose this foundation over my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear.

I purchased this from CVS in Florida for $14.95 which is less than £10  Sadly this brand is not readily available in this country but I have found this Ebay Shop that stocks most of the range, unfortunately they are charging £18.99 plus £1.75 delivery.  I'm sure if you have a look around the internet you will definitely find it a lot cheaper than that.

Have you recently found a foundation that has replaced your all time favourite?


  1. I've never tried this foundation!!! I know someone in the States that would be happy to help you pick up products! :) xo

    1. Hi Moxie, I'm in the States next month for 3 weeks, so plenty of time to stock up. Not sure if I will make it next year so I may take you up on the offer :) xx


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