7 August 2012

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit

Hair removal is my least favourite thing to do, I have tried all sorts, plucking, epilating, threading, creams, wax strips and nothing works as well as warm wax in my opinion.  Now as a trained beauty therapist I am a dab hand at waxing but I hate dragging my salon size wax pot out of the cupboard and plugging it in for and hour or two just to wax my upper lip.  I have tried microwave wax but I don't trust the instructions on how long the pot should be heated for.  A salon that I worked at had a cartridge wax system and I always really liked it as it was nice and hygienic, my clients all had their own cartridge head so there was no cross contamination and it was a nice clean way to remove hair.

I was recently sent the Veet EasyWax Elecrical Roll-on Kit and was very impressed when I took it out of the box.

The kit comes complete with a stand, a wax cartridge, a packet of wax strips and packets of after wax wipes.

The instructions are idiot proof, just put the cartridge in the unit, plug it in and wait 20 minutes, you are then good to go.  Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth, smooth on a wax strip and whip it off in the opposite direction against the hair growth.  For people that haven't waxed before I suggest you start off by doing small areas to start off with until you feel more confident with your technique.  There are lots of hints and tips in the instructions.  I really like that you can buy smaller cartridges for waxing underarms and bikini area.

This really is the first home waxing unit that I have tried that gives salon results, no mess, minimum pain and excellent results.

The Starter kit retails for £29.99 the large and small refills retail at £9.99 and the replacement wax strips are £3.49 for 24

1 cartridge will last up to 4 waxing sessions, so based on an average leg wax at the salon being around £20 outside of London, you can make a significant saving by using this at home kit.

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit is available www.veet.co.uk you can also find more hints and tips on the site too.

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