25 March 2013

Meet Leona Lewis, Body Shop Brand Activist

The lovely Leona Lewis is the new brand activist for the Body Shop.  On Wednesday 27th March 2013 at 12 pm Leona will be launching her new, limited edition, cruelty free range of make-up and fragrance at Westfield, London.  She will also be signing the Cruelty Free International Global Pledge to support an end to animal testing for cosmetics forever.

If you would like to meet Leona, then just turn up at the Body Shop, Westfield, London, make your purchase and get in the queue.

You can share your photographs on the Body Shop Facebook page at www.facebook.com or on their Twitter page at www.twitter.com 

*I have not paid been paid to feature this press release, nor am I affiliated with Body Shop.  

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