22 March 2013

Veet Face Precision Wax and Care

At last, a home waxing system for the face that actually works!!

Veet Face Precision Wax and Care system is so simple yet perfect for those little waxing jobs that don't require a salon sized wax heater.

The pack contains what looks like a double ended mascara wand that unscrews in the middle.

The pink tube contains 10ml of wax and the white tube contains 5ml of after care cream.

You also get a packet of a 50 wax strips and and applicator.

The instructions are so simple, just boil the kettle!

Now I have tried all types of hair removal over the years, tweezing, threading, depilatory cream, sugaring and hot and cold waxing.  I definitely prefer the hot/warm wax method.  I know it's not painless but it's quick and effective.  Last year I reviewed the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit, you can read the review HERE and I'm still using that system today.  The Veet Face Precision Care and Wax is a perfection addition to this as it is designed to be used on eyebrows, upper lip and chin area. 

After being immersed in boiling water for one minute the wax is ready to use.  It applies easily and the applicator can be used at this point to spread the wax into a thin even layer.  Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and then use the strips provided to whip it off in the opposite direction.  If you have never used wax before then start of with a small area.  Please try not to go over the same area more than once as this can cause irritation.  The soothing after care cream is lovely and cooling.  I have used this wax on my eyebrows and upper lip and and had the kind of results that I would expect if I went to a salon.  During the treatment I popped the wax back into the cup of hot water so that it stayed at an optimum temperature.

The wax contains natural ingredients including Almond Oil to help moisturise and nourish the skin.  The after care cream contains Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturise.

This little kit is perfect for taking on holiday to keep you hair growth in check.  All you need is a cup of hot water.  

Veet Face Precision Wax and Care retails for £9.99 and can be found at Boots, Superdrug and most major supermarkets.

For more information and tips on this and other Veet products pop over to their website at www.veet.co.uk

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